Tottenham defeated Watford

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  • Harry Kane scores a goal.

  • Tottenham defeated Watford by 2 goals .

  • Final score of the match was 2- 0 .

  • The two goal scorers for Tottenham Hotspur were Harry Kane and Del Ali.

  • Delli Alli scored the goal at the sixteenth minute 16'

  • Harry Kane scored the goal at forty eight minute mark 48' .

  • Harry Kane may fail to be the leading goal scorer of the English Premier League thisd season . He is trailing to Liverpool's Mohammad Salah .

  • Mohammad Salah is almost certain to be the top goal scorer for the English Premier League Season 2017/2018.

  • Next year battle will be tough between these two for the number 1 goal scorer crown .

Let me know in the comment section , Will Tottenham win EPL next season ?

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