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English Premier League


( EPL ) English Premier League, match day 36 , Matches that are going to take place on Sunday .

Sundays's Matches are as follows :

  • Manchester United vs Arsenal FC.
  • Manchester City vs West Ham .
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Watford .

  • The two sides from Manchester will be playing their matches today but not against each other.

  • Red side of Manchester , Red Devils the Manchester United have a tougher enemy against them this time . Manchester United will play against Arsenal FC.

  • We all know that Arsene Wenger will depart Arsenal FC after this season , he sure will give his best to defeat Manchester United .

  • English Premier League is about to end , Arsene Wenger would like to leave the club with some good performances in the end .

  • Eyes will be on Alexis Sanchez who left Arsenal for Manchester United this mid season.

Will Alexis Sanchez score against Arsenal today ?

  • In the other game WEst ham will fight for survival in the English Premier League .

  • West Ham are only 3 points clear of the relegation zone .

  • But unfortunately this time around they will face blue half of Manchester , Manchester City .

  • Tottenham would like to win it's match with 3 points and end up the season in 4th position of the English Premier League Table.

Let me know in the comment section , who will win in the match between Manchester United and Arsenal ?

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How does Manchester afford so many soccer teams? I was there a little while back and it looks like the money could be better spent elsewhere

London has more than three teams . Manchester United is actually based out of Manchester .

You brits are crazy about your soccer. Thanks for the information session :)

football is the most popular sports around the world .

Not in North America. Maybe in most other countries. Running up and down that football pitch all day, you have to be one hell on an athlete, that's all I can say.

But they do play Rugby .

Update - 1- 0 Half Time

Paul Pogba scored for manutd .

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Tough match for west ham survival. about Man United vs Arsenal match i think match will be ended in a draw or Man U won the battle by margin of 2-1 let's see the result. @abhicrypto

It's 1 - 0 right now .

We are heading to the score at this moment thanks to Pogba. We'll win.

Rashford is coming on .

I told you we'll win. between, nice gesture from united for wenger

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Ty !

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Thank you !

last night was a prestigious game

Yes it was !

Which team were you supporting ?

I'm a MU fan friend ...

ok cool

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