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RE: 7 Facts about EpicDice VS the vanished MagicDice

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We still have no idea who you are. My name is Rick Nuthman. I live in Los Angeles. If I start a business, blockchain or otherwise, I an not going to conceal my identity.

This is really the only reason that magic dice got away with it. People on these crypto platforms don't have the guts to reveal themselves because they want to maintain the option to run.

If you really want to be transparent, tell us who you are and give us your business address like a normal company. Otherwise stop expecting us to just trust you.

This is not meant to be a personal bash, because I don't know you or your personal values. But I have been screwed over in crypto enough to know that everyone claims to be transparent; until they aren't.


Glad to hear that, Rick. However, if your blockchain business happens to be a casino and the jurisdiction you reside in is not so gambling-friendly. You probably won't say the same.

And that's the very reason the team chose not to reveal their identity just yet for unnecessary troubles in real life. I believe the owner would love to stand in front of the crowd, announcing that he owns the wonderful platform without a mask on the face. Why not? The business wasn't build to run away after all.

While we are striving hard to gain enough resources for a license, hopefully the "transparent" mechanisms would sooth the skepticism well for the players. I hope the shameful exit of MD didn't bite you hard.

Have a great day buddy.

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