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RE: 7 Facts about EpicDice VS the vanished MagicDice

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With @magic-dice exitting Steem after bagging tons of cash,I feel so anxious of other betting platforms to follow.

I like that you fully assured everybody with the words. But how can you actually assure us that the tragedy will not happen again? Are there any smart pledges, or what?


If you care about transparency, MD was a bad place to start with. No explanation how the house determine the profit and dividend pool, no actually showcase of house holding on the token, close-to-none communication and customer service, the list goes on.

There is no assurance in blockchain to be frank, just like Steemit.Inc can promise us a brighter future tomorrow, but will the whole team exit on the very next day? I wouldn't say it is not possible, I speaking of this as a considerable amount of stakeholder.

One should believe what they do, not what they said. And EpicDice has been keeping the standard high all these while.

It will be very much valid if there's something @epicdice can offer that will let the platform assured that they will stay, or let's say a locking of earned Steem via staking (in the form of Steempower).

I like @epicdice initiative and I just wanted to solidify the "trust" or "better" or "assured" word.

We shall start exploring option in enhancing the trust part, good points. Thanks for the feedback.

No worries and looking forward for a better gaming experience. Do you have any idea regarding token rewards/share for @epicdice sp delegators?

Sure I do. It is 2 EPC per 1 SP on daily basis.

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