EPIC Token and Daily Dividend is now LIVE

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UPDATE: EPC is the new official token in EpicDice, it has successfully swapped with the previous EPIC token due to some unexpected incidents in the first launching day. To ensure a fair distribution, we had no choice but tie the game to a brand new token.

We took a new snapshot from all wager ever placed on the game and distributed EPC using early bird mining rate (1 STEEM/SBD : 110 EPC). Thanks for the support along the journey!

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EpicDice is a decentralized dice game built on top of Steem blockchain which aims to provide a refined gambling experience while keeping simplicity intact.

Let the fun begin


Epic Token is officially live

The detail specification of EPIC token can be found here if you have missed that.


The only possible way to issue a new EPIC from the contract is via placing a wager in the game. For every new issuance of EPIC, 60% goes directly to players and 40% goes to house, while 10% of house holding will be given out through various events such as delegation reward, contest, and more.

The token system is created with simplicity in mind, and yet it works. No locking, no stacking and whatsoever. There is only 2 kinds of EPIC token, the one that remains unmined in the contract and the one that is mined. Every token is equal. In case you are not aware, EPIC token is outright tradable and transferable. Token holders can trade freely in DEX, manage the token in Keychain and Steempeak, as well as many more services that would support Steem-Engine.

Early bird mining rate has ended

We did a snapshot for early bird players right before the token launch and distributed the corresponded amount to each player. For the sake of keeping this post clean and to-the-point, you may refer to the snapshot here as we have over 250 players currently. Bonus mining rate ( 1 STEEM/SBD : 110 EPIC) has ended followed by the default mining rate ( 1 STEEM/SBD : 100 EPIC) taking effect immediately.

Daily dividend with absolute transparency

EpicDice is the first gambling platform on Steem with a real transferable token and daily dividend system, which designed with never-seen-before transparency. Now everyone is able to audit and keeping an eye on the house in case there is any wrongdoing, as everything is exposed under the sun. This how the dividend works:


In the period between Start and Cut-off (UTC 15:30), strictly game transaction is allowed in official gaming account @epicdice. At the Cut-off point of time, the system will calculate the final house profit by closing balance - opening balance. Half of the profit will go to the dividend pool and pay immediately to token holders, no manual claiming is needed. The amount of EPIC holding by player will be determined at the same time as well, regardless of how frequent he traded/transferred the token during the active window.

For example, Tom earned 1000 EPIC from betting in the game. One hour before the Cut-off time, Tom decided to buy in another 500 EPIC from the market to increase his share. At Cut-off time, the effective holding amount by Tom is 1500 EPIC and he shall be paid accordingly.

Another example, Alex sends all his 1 million EPIC to Tim who has never played the game. At Cut-off time, Tim will get paid with respect to the share granted by the 1m EPIC, while Alex will get nothing.

Simply put, the more EPIC one is holding, the more daily dividend one is getting, even without playing a single bet. We believe this can promote the demand for EPIC in long term, hence hopefully boosting the market price and overall token economy.

Dividend payout is not promised


Yes, the fact is house might not be winning every day. In the event house is losing money(negative profit), there is no dividend payout for the day. In other words, players share the profit when house is winning while costing none when house is having a bad day. We bet you can't find a better deal elsewhere.

Earn EPIC via delegation

Gambling might not the thing for everyone, you can still earn EPIC via delegation. Every 1 SP delegation earns 1 EPIC daily. It takes one day for the delegation to be effective in order to receive the dividend, from the moment of delegation. This is the only way to be part of the dividend pool shareholders beside betting.

Quick delegation via Steemconnect links below:

100 | 500 | 1000 | 5000 | 10000

Resteem for 50 STEEM


Resteem this post to stand a chance to win 50 STEEM! One winner will be chosen randomly after 7 days when this very post is expired. If you have at least 200 followers and 40 reputations, just resteem this post and you will be in the list which we will be used for winners picking via a provably-fair method.

Spread the word and have fun in the game!


EPIC token will be running on the sidechain of Steem, aka the Steem-Engine. While the project is innovative and very ambitious to better the Steem ecosystem, it is still in its infancy and the devs are improving it every day. Should there are any technical difficulties of sidechain hindering the distribution of EPIC, we will try our best to follow up and get the issue resolved. However, players should understand that EpicDice does not hold the responsibility of sidechain's health.

Please join our Discord server for better communication.


Thank you for the info

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Dev team has identify the root cause of the infinite looping of token distributions. The issue was caused by cloud service provider and our back end program never encountered such event. Hence, program keep looping on to distribute on same rate to player before the incident happens.
In order to resolve this, our dev team needs some time to further enhance the backend program. Since token distribution are all mess up. We will create a new token to replace EPIC token.
Meanwhile, **please do not trade EPIC token on any DEX. **

At the same time, we still recording the wager amount currently. Every bet will be respected and be paid with corresponded token amount when we are ready. Dividend payout will be resumed when everything is good. You won't get a cent less than what you deserve from the current dividend pool. Hence this shall not stopping anyone from playing the game, if they want to.

Our team is working diligently to get everything up. All supports from you guys are fuel to keep us moving. We appreciate that.

Everybody has fails; the important thing is how you deal with those fails.

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Great team, keep up the good work!

Can we proceed with the delegation?

Sorry for the late reply, you can proceed with the delegation and the good news is we have upgraded the ratio to 1 STEEM/SBD : 2 EPC!

Hi guys ! What's wrong with the dividend display ? There are 10 hours left and the counter acts on random, circulating around 15 STEEM is that correct ?

Nothing is wrong. Maybe you should give the article a better read through to understand how it works again. The Dividend is fluctuating with house profit actively.

Resteemed .. Good luck with the project...

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Thank you @epicdice for the great work you have done. Following you boss!

Are you guys going to do what Magic dice and Steem-bet did?, ie scam and then exiting? You seem like you're on the ball here, but Steem needs a legit dice game. Need to restore confidence for steemians. Happy to delegate but really putting trust in your project.

MD started out strong, changed their mining rate of token, kept the development slow while maintain zero communication with the players, customer support was non-existent and they quitted. SB started out legit, changed their max supply of token, the admin cant speak proper english, and now delaying profit payout for weeks for no reasons.

We did none of those. In fact, we are in the total opposite side with top-notch transparency and fairness. Also our new system is going to offer huge advantage for EPC holders. Please come and have a leisure chat with the team in Discord some time. Thanks for the support!

resteemed! Good job.

It won't be a success without players like you!

Thank You, I am on the list.

Sure, all those who played would be listed.

I found a problem with transactions.
website says the result but the @epicdice did not send the amount I should get. I think it happens more than once. I hope it will get more success.


Please check..

It happened several times.

Hi there, would you please report this error to our Discord for more effective communication? We are more than happy to sort this out. Thanks for the support tho!

I play this game almost every day:) Resteemed!

Definitely you are, thank for the support, game on!

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Thank u and gr8 job

Nice innovation

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