EOS1BOT Fresh features -Show Contract ABI & API Calls

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I continue to improve t.me/EOS1BOT based on my own needs

If you haven't used eos1bot before, you'd better start from here:

NEW feature: Show Contract ABI

Basically, I use bot to track my account and tracking huge EOS transfers, but I'm also interested in new dApps that go online, so I set up a keyword "setabi" and get notified of new contracts. And now I added feature to also view full contract ABI


Eos API Calls

Now you can call API methods directly from eos1bot


You need to use methods relative to eosjs
You can see a list of all methods here:



Bot is sensitive to params syntax! Please use the prompts below:

✖️ get_block(100) - Will not work get_block must be getBlock

✔️ eos.getBlock(100) - Will work

✖️ eos.getActions({account_name:"eosdonations", offset: -15}) - Will not work (missed "")
✖️ eos.getActions("eosdonations", -15) - Will not work (comma separated value must be with {})
✖️ eos.getActions("eosdonations") - Will not work (Don't use ""for a single param)

✔️ eos.getActions({"account_name":"eosdonations", "offset": -15}) - Will work
✔️ eos.getActions(eosdonations) - Will work

✖️ eos.getAbi("eosio") - Will not work (Don't use ""for a single param)

✔️ eos.getAbi(eosio) - Will work

🖖 Contact & Support

https://t.me/chain_cf chat
https://t.me/cryptoporn chat
https://t.me/vikxx pm

Also you can rate this bot here https://eosindex.io/projects/197

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