[🤟 t.me/eos1bot] EOSIO Blockchain realtime event tracker/hunter/notifier and toolset

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Many know me as the author of dozens bots for steemit/golosio, and after launch EOS Mainnet I began to miss my favorite instruments for the next graphene chain, so I decided to create a bot for myself and share it with you!

t.me/eos1bot Telegram


So, what can a bot do?

1. Killer feature - event tracking with RegExp patterns!

Its a powerful tool with which you can receive instant notifications about selected activity in the blockchain.
From tracking payments to finding bugs in smart contracts

As soon as event appears in eosio blockchain - you instantly receive a notification with the transaction file

This doesn't require any authorization, you just need to select /keywords and send your tracking pattern
In a RegEx format, as if inside /YOUR_PATTERN/g without / /g

More examples below + video

Single word:
Just send myname or "myname" for tracking only one word

Miltiple words. Where "|" means "or":

Miltiple events. Just put variable inside "":

If action should contain all specified words:

If transaction should contain transfer EOS, but NOT to bitfinexdep1:

Only Url detect:
^(https?:\/\/)?([\da-z.-]+)\.([a-z\.]{2,6})([\/\w \.-]*)*\/?$

Only Email detect:

Bee free to design your own patterns


Simple and useful functions

Accounts info

Send eos username via @ and get extended information about the user

Account actions history

Click "actions history" and get RAW file with actions

Want to find all accounts with the same pub key?

Just send this key (send only PUBLIC keys and never private!!!)


🤟 To be continued, new features coming soon!


Как всегда очень здорово! Правда пока я тока инфу о себе смотрю.... а какие например можно отслеживать события? что может интересовать простого еосхолдера?=)

Все зависит от фантазии :)
Например мониторить аукцион имен, следить за продажей ram, за движениями токенов.

Вот еще в колекцию паттерн для отслеживания переводов 5-ти значных сумм EOS


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Вик! когда ты успеваешь!!! сохраню себе этого бота. правда, я еще ничего не делала на еосе. сижу, жду, когда устаканится там.

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