A Response to Kai Sedgwick

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This is a response to a recent article published on bitcoin.com on the EOS.IO Software and its technology visionary, Dan Larimer.

Dear Kai -

Thanks for writing about block.one, Dan Larimer and the EOS.IO Software project. While discerning readers will have to assess for themselves the opinions in your 1,200-plus word article, I do want to correct one factual error. You incorrectly stated that, regarding our software code on GitHub, there's been "nothing in the last two months." You linked to the Documents repository containing our original technical white paper, not our code repository.

A visit to our GitHub "organization page" shows that we have 21 repositories, that our team includes 31 people (not counting outside contributors), and that -- from our core code repository alone -- we've published over 20 tagged code releases since November 9th, two months ago.

We also launched a public testnet, known as Dawn 2.0, on 04-Dec-2017.

You can check the testnet's status here.

Indeed, according to GitHub's statistics, in the past month we're the busiest and most popular WebAssembly project on all of GitHub... by a 5-to-1 ratio.

Please feel free to consult with us directly next time you write about block.one and the EOS.IO Software project. We hope it's soon. Feel free to check out our latest Product Roadmap here.


Thomas Cox, VP of Product, block.one

(a prior version of this was submitted as a comment to the above referenced article, but their automatic spam filters didn't like the number of links provided)


Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing. Hopefully Kai fact checks white papers he writes better than the articles he writes.

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