KROWN, the first DAC using eosDAC technology on mainnet

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On May 22, KROWN DAC was launched on the EOS mainnet, fostered by eosDAC technology:
This makes KROWN DAC the first production DAC using the DAC Factory! Point and click creation of DACs using DAC Factory is being refined for the upcoming DAC hosting solution, so Luke of eosDAC was present at the time of launching to assist. Later, Duane of CSX team uploaded a video as an appreciation for our assistance with the launch and continued support with the KROWN DAC and Token. Watch the video and see how excited the entire team is!

As a DAC enabler, we are happy to witness more and more DACs are in preparation to launch. We will introduce them one by one over the coming months.


KROWN DAC is a community-led project which has been initiated to provide a set of equitable tools for community and product leaders as well as members within communities. These tools encourage actions where the members are not only consumers but creators of content.

The members of KROWN DAC have been leading co-operatives for many years, looking for a way to integrate the blockchain technology with the management of co-ops. They were looking to find a solution to encourage collaborative community engagement over passive consumption. A system where consumers are rewarded for the value they contribute to products or services, which is the fundamental of DACs and what eosDAC has been promoting since its inception. We hope to see the KROWN DAC platform facilitating a healthy merchant/customer relationship that is beneficial to both sides of the spectrum.

You can also watch an Interview to learn more about KROWN DAC.

Krown will be offering an initial airdrop over many weeks to communities who have developed communities on EOS. They will also be disbursing through many giveaways, contests and bounties. So, stay tuned and get involved with KROWN today:
Their Youtube channel is also a great place to learn about the team.

Mission of eosDAC


eosDAC is a community-owned block producer on the EOSIO blockchain and also, the DAC enabler. Following the recent launch of a couple of DACs, we will continue to serve the EOS community with our mission to incubate more DACs. We envision that in the future these fractals of DACs will be blooming, disrupting the traditional companies where things are still centralised. Over time we will see communities challenging larger organisation nurturing the concept of DACs.

Back in early 2018 when eosDAC just started developing tools for launching our own DAC, it was our grand mission to be a DAC enabler. Here we are only a year later - the seeds began to sprout. We cannot wait to see how many projects will be using the DAC structure by the end of 2019 and next year and many years into the future! Join us today - become an active worker, run as a Custodian candidate, vote for Custodians and support eosdacserver (on EOS mainnet and WAX mainnet / bosdacserver on BOS)

Please vote for eosdacserver

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