eosDAC needs your participation!

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If you need one-on-one help to register or vote for free, speak to Morty (@papl00) on telegram or email pramod@eosdac.io


At eosDAC we’re building a real live DAC block producer. Delegated proof of stake as a model of cryptographic block confirmation is already pretty cool, we think, since it spreads the block confirmation workload across block producers according to a voting mechanism.

To have one of those block producers itself be a tokenised community with distributed governance is even cooler. It means that block production rewards are controlled communally and the decisions eosDAC takes as one of the 21 BPs on-chain are directed democratically.

We’re incredibly fortunate that the eosDAC block production team is a highly respected team that is consistently looked to for technical leadership by BPs and the community in general. They’re here because they’re committed to using their skills in the furtherance of DACs - and we all need your help.

We need you to vote for Custodians! Vote at members.eosdac.io. If you need help with any of the technical aspects of registration or voting, email pramod@eosdac.io who can assist you personally, for free.

Distributed autonomous communities are communities which come together to pursue a common purpose, using open-source smart contracts to execute their relationships and processes, like governance and payments processes. Many aspects of governance require human consideration and approval, within bounds and parameters set by the code, and those aspects of governance are handled at eosDAC by our Custodian board.

Your vote matters, because we activate the DAC at 15%. Vote at members.eosdac.io. If you need help, contact Morty (@papl00) or email pramod@eosdac.io.

eosDAC was intimately involved in mainnet launch and has been operating as a block producer and reserve producer since June. Since then we’ve been coding the smart contracts and preparing the legal and company structures so that 12 weekly elected Custodians can govern the DAC.

It’s taken months and a ton of hard work, and now we’re ready! We’re ready for elected Custodians, but our Constitution says that we only activate the DAC when 15% of EOSDAC tokens are used to vote.

Can you vote and help us get to 15%? Do it now! Distributed applications and communities need participation - and we need you! https://members.eosdac.io

Your vote matters, because we need you to select the best Custodians who will govern eosDAC responsibly. Vote at https://members.eosdac.io. If you need help, contact our community voting assistant Morty (@papl00) or email pramod@eosdac.io - this support is provided by eosDAC for free.

Saro, Luke, Michael, Rob, Pramod

Please vote for eosdacserver

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