DAC Weekly Recap #5

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

This weeks highlights

  • eosDAC attends Sanya International Fintech Innovation Conference in Hainan! Members of eosDAC were invited to this event to discuss about the Future of Community Governance. Read about the event

  • EOS Cafe is launching Cafe DAC using The DAC Factory software. There will be an airdrop on eosDAC holders - stay tuned and claim those BEAN tokens!

  • Watch this fantastic interview of Luke with Brock Pierece to learn what is a DAC and how it works and the story of eosDAC and the team. *This video is currently being translated for Chinese and Korean audience.

  • CryptoLions is creating a Multi Sig for Simple Assets on the Mainnet with eosDAC, Aloha EOS, EOS 42, EOS Asia, EOS Cafe Block, EOS New York, EOS Metal, Scatter and sw/EDEN. When deployed, the owners of digital assets created Simple Assets can be sure that no malicious changes will affect their assets. Learn about Simple Assets MultiSig here

  • What’s all the fuss about multi-signature you might ask. We have been constantly voiced out how important it is to have multi-layered permissions and how adapting the DAC model and multi sig is a safer security solution. Recently some dApps got hacked due to using a single owner key. Hoa, a Memeber of eosDAC has published EOS Guide: Keep your EOS account SAFE using Multisig Structure and we strongly recommend you to read and try it out.

  • Are you currently not voting for eosDAC (nor voting for a proxy which supports eosDAC?) Here is why you should vote for eosDAC as a EOS BP

If you would like to delegate your votes to a proxy instead, here’s the list of proxies which support eosDAC:

Brock Pierce Proxy
Freedom Proxy
Colin Talks Crypto
Luke’s Proxy
Token Pocket Proxy

If you lease your tokens on Chintai, you’ll be supporting eosDAC via their proxy
If you you choose the default proxy to use REX, both Token Pocket proxy and EOSREX proxy include eosDAC!

Approved Msigs of the Week

We have 11 msig proposals approved and executed this week. Most of them are our “regular” worker proposals occurring monthly.

  1. April And May Development Team Payment
    The development team payment in fiat for the month of April and May. Total amount requested £24750. The breakdown can be found on the linked sheet.
  2. May: DAC Process And Strategy Payment
  3. May: Development Payment
  4. May: Block Production Payment
  5. May: Community And Comms Payment
  6. WP#403 Russian Community Manager
  7. WP#415 Work On Memberclient - April Supplement
  8. WP#425 Blog Post - DAC Weekly, Flyers, Etc

And these three are non-regulars:

  1. Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta
  2. Privex Server - Payment For Privex Server In EOS
  3. Buy RAM For Daccustodian

You can check all of the submitted & executed [worker proposals on https://members.eosdac.io/custodian/review-msigs with what they are for in the respective description.

EOS Report…

9,800,000 EOS tokens unstaked from b1 account!

EOSIO Labs™ Release: The EOSIO™ Explorer

Block.One has released EOSIO Explorer, a new web-based graphical user interface to improve the developer experience of interacting and monitoring EOSIO-based applications and networks in development.

It has two distinctive features: Inspect and Interact
Inspecting features allow developers to view connected blockchain information, individual block, transaction and action details, and accounts details with associated smart contracts, which is useful for verifying data transmitted between an application and the blockchain and verifying functionality of a smart contract.

On the other hand, Interacting features allow developers to edit, import and create development accounts — with relevant public and private key pairings, upload and deploy smart contracts and generated ABIs, and push actions coded in smart contracts. This is most useful for user testing and verifying accounts interacting with your application.

Read more

eosDAC Twitter highlight

Please vote for eosdacserver

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