eosDAC is Invited to Sanya International Fintech Innovation Conference in Hainan

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eosDAC is a global EOS block producer with a strong community presence around the globe. We have always been on top for bringing EOS and eosDAC related news to EOS Chinese community in sync with the communinites in the West. To further extend our support to our global communities we have our website translated in 4 different languages, Chinese being one of them. https://eosdac.io/zh-hans/

As a DAC enabler and a community owned block producer eosDAC is committed to spread knowledge and awareness about DACs. In order to bring the Chinese communities on par with the West, where DACs are becoming highly popular, eosDAC members are visiting China to better liaison with the local EOS Block Producers, developers and holders. One of the biggest event the members of eosDAC will be attending is Sanya International Fintech Innovation Conference in Hainan - the forefront of China’s fintech industry.


With the vision of “Unlocking the new economy”, International Fintech Innovation Conference (IFIC) will be held under the guidance of Sanya Municipal Government, co-hosted by Huobi, People Digital, Sanya Bureau of Commerce, Guoyin Jinkong and FINWEX. Top enterprises, experts and investment institutions in the fields of fintech, blockchain and cross-border e-commerce will be invited to share visions and explore the development of Hainan’s the new economy. eosDAC is delighted to be invited to present eosDAC and DAC Factory and discuss about DACs with the well-known industry experts.


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