DAC Recap #10

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Custodian News

This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on https://members.eosdac.io/)

Latest News

  • Luke Stokes, Michael Yeates, and Saro McKenna of eosDAC join Everything EOS Podcast to introduce the concept of a DAC, explain how to get started with DACs, and how DAC Factory is lowering the barrier of entry. Watch the video to get all the latest updates regarding the DAC and DAC Factory! Watch it below.

  • Luke and Saro are off to Burning Man 2019 as part of CampDAO, the first EOS based Burning Man camp organised and managed using the DAC factory! Luke has explained earlier how the entire city Burning Man is a decentralised community and how a DAC/DAO can provide a natural structure and rotation of leadership from year to year to the Burning Man community. (Listen to the podcast here.) This recent article is a good read for understanding how DACs and Burning Man share communal values. Stay tuned for the follow-up on how CampDAO went!

  • OKExhas voted over 100 million EOS to the BPs who won OK Pool BP Pursuit. Huge thanks to the OKEx team for contributing to the growth and development of the EOS ecosystem with an intent to support and encourage EOS Block Producers. Also, thank you for the OKEx users who voted for eosDAC. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the top 30, but have received 1 million votes from OKEx!

  • ​​eosDAC is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ADWARD, an advertisement media platform built on the EOS blockchain. The developers of ADWARD chose EOS for several reasons, including feeless, faster translations.

To celebrate this new collaboration, ADWARD is giving away ADWD tokens to the ADWARD & eosDAC Community members! To claim ADWD airdrop, join both eosDAC and ADWARD Telegram groups. Details


Approved Msigs

We have 5 msig proposals approved and executed since the last DAC Recap.

Transfer EOSDAC For Tokens Stuck In ETH Based Dex IDEX/Etherdelta

The rest of the four proposals are regular deliveries:

August: DAC Process And Strategy Payment
August: Block Production Payment
August: Community And Comms Payment
August Development Team Payment

EOS Report…

#BuiltOnEOSIO Series: Remme Releases a Distributed Public Key Infrastructure

Remme is an ecosystem of identity and access management products with a digital key at its core. Developers can make use of Remme’s open-source distributed PKI protocol, while their certificate management platform offers solutions for enterprise clientele. That PKI protocol utilises the EOSIO codebase to create a decentralised system for storing and revoking digital keys in a highly secure manner. Two of the most critical use cases are passwordless user authentication and smart device authentication, but the number of use cases is limitless; Remme intends to focus on introducing identity solutions at first such as digital key management, domain validation, and SSH key management. Read more.

High Liquidity Price Pegged Token Algorithm

Dan Larimer introduces a new token pegging algorithm that provides high liquidity and narrow spreads while being robust against default in the event collateral loses value over time.

“Compared to systems like BitUSD, our pegging approach incentivises asset creation and liquidity by providing trading fees to the shorts who post collateral while effectively eliminating the majority of liquidity risks of the shorts. Furthermore, this algorithm provides equal liquidity to both sides of the market, where BitUSD only provided forced-settlement to one side of the market. Trading fees continuously re-collateralise the market and enable it to recover from losses due to changing prices. So long as income from trading fees is higher than the average fall in the value of the collateral asset, the system can remain solvent and liquid. We believe this approach maximises the utility to all participants while minimising risks.”

Read in detail.

*Also, Block.One is currently recruiting, check if you are interested!: https://block.one/careers/jobs/

EOS Authority Event Page

As the EOS community is highly distributed, it is a hassle to stay up to date with what’s happening around. Thanks to EOS Authority, we have now a dedicated EOSIO Event Page to check out all the upcoming events taking place near your region or any online event at your convenience: https://eosauthority.com/events

The Emanate Growth Pool

Emanate introduces a brilliant EMT staking model to onboard new users. If you hold EMT, you will be able to place your tokens into the Emanate Growth Pool, and get paid 0.5% bonus on top of the staked balance every week. Staking available around the same time as the Alpha launch, in the coming weeks. https://medium.com/emanate-live/the-emanate-growth-pool-5397cbca33f9

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