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RE: Introducing EOSoCal - An EOS.IO Block Producer Candidate, Incubator and Advocate

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I live in So Cal too, I'm in San Diego so I support you guys! I see ur on steem so you guys must be smart! O I respect you and I know I'm in no position to become one of the 21 Block producers of a now 17 Billion dollar blockchain that will most likely be worth trillions in marketcap.... So I would love to get to work with one of the great Block producer candidates for my region... HOLY SHIT holy crap holy crap we can get ALL the big companies in socal to ORBIT the EOS socal DAC and have a decentralized autonomous GEOGRAPHIC organization that links up ALL the socal companies from Media Music and Hollywood in LA and all the way to Bio Tech and Defense Contractors and Healthcare companies in San Diego, and everything in between and oif course theer are even bigger industries, tech, agriculture, and we can link them all with EOS in some incredible ways to make southern California the most beautiful fucking shining beacon city on a hill , oh man I am so happy thinking about how much money this could bring to our region. Southern California could have zero poverty after a project like this brings so many jobs to SoCal....that even un skilled workers will have jobs working for the people in the new eos tech industry. Oh wow this could be so big for our region!


Thinking big.. love that! Thank you for your support and thoughts.