Block Media #3 Ethereum dipped to $284.75, Litecoin $40.79, Bitshares $0.271, EOS.IO site is down, and others

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Not a good Monday to start investing in CryptoCurrency. The Top 10 coins are all in red, seeing Ethereum down from $340.54 (last week Ethereum price) to $284.75 maybe one reason is the self-inflicted DDOS to Ethereum network when investors trying to buy Bancor tokens during ICO offering.

The question is ... Ethereum is ready for to support other future larger request of ether ICO launch? Are they ready to scale big time? I hope they do to keep the momentum going, otherwise another version of coin will pop-up anytime soon. This is a big task for Vitalik Buterin and I hope the solution is part of it's next release Metropolis.

Here's the chart of Ethereum today.

Today, is also the big day for EOS.IO the start of Token Distribution to get funding to interested investors. By the way, if you're a US Citizen you are not encourage to invest due to regulation. I will cover that topic in a separate post.

I checked EOS.IO website, sadly it is down. They need to hire me to better keep their website up all the time :)

Block.One also warm prospective investors regarding fake addressess and scam sites pop up all over. Here's the email I received from them.

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I send 5 ether to the EOS contract, want to know how to do it? Check out this video:


Hi lasseehlers,
Thank you for sharing your video. I will it now and give you my feedback.

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I watched your video. Thank you for sharing sir.
I also voted up your video too.

Actually, if I was going to invest more money in cryptos I would choose a "red" day to do it… That's where the discounts are


You are absolutely right, red is a good chance to buy and stock up more. Excellent opportunity for long term investment, just too bad to day trader because of loses from previous week.

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The only way we win is if somebody else loses… We can't all make money, and while the daytraders add volume and liquidity, they use a lot of leverage and I have to deal with the repercussions of their actions… Sometimes greed wins and sometimes it doesn't


In economy to keep rolling, we need happy investors. As I covered in this article, there are some technical glitches that caused the price to tumble. When an investors outside of crypto world saw this technical glitch of not able to buy when they needed, it create fear.

We just hope it's just another day of crypto "volatile" market :)


Well, the crypto market is anything but mature, and you have a lot of very suspect, immature money floating around. I'm guessing there's a lot of people in the crypto space investing funds they don't have to lose

Today and probably tomorrow are very good days to invest in cryptos. As seen in the crypto charts, a drop in value has happened a lot during the life of bitcoin. It has always recovered with a higher value than before.

I suggest that you invest right now in cryptos as it is the best time to do so. We are still in the 'early investors' stages which means that we still have the opportunity to get some huge profit. Invest now before the average people get to know this very innovative world.


Thank you for sharing your thought. Investment in general is a good way to increase wealth and cryptocurrency is hot this year.

I wouldn't necessarily call it a "bad" day to invest. From a moral standpoint, it doesnt look good but from a market standpoint, its still bullish and wouldnt be a bad time to buy. Its good that you bring up scammers. There are so many ICOs coming out now. I remember a time when ICOs were almost hush hush lol and hard to you can throw a rock and hit one. Good Luck out there.

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