📢 Today we are ready to announce future Wizards updates that coming in the nearest release

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Most of the upcoming improvements were suggested by our community which is very actively participating in discussions on improvements of the game! We are very proud to have such a great support and now we are going to release most of the community suggestions.


Item-based battles

Players were asking as many times to make battles based on items to give a chance for low DNA Wizards. So we decided to develop alternative battle system where DNA will be ignored and only items will be taken into account.

Players will be able to choose which type of battles do they prefer to take part in tournaments and PvP fights.

In a new battle system items will be featured into three groups:
Attacking items: Stick, Stuff and Pet. These items will affect on attack power.
Defending items: Shirt, Pants and Boots. These items will absorb damage.
Magic items: Hat, Cloak and Belt. These items will give a chance to avoid getting damage.

The battle scenario will be the same as described in the previous article : God of Luck, 4 rounds of alternate attacks, 5th round with double damage attacks and finally The Magic God will choose the winner.

But the damage principles will be different and will be based on items.

All items are divided into three groups in which all the battle actions will be played separately.
Stick - Shirt - Hat
Stuff - Pants - Belt
Pet - Boots - Cloak

Features of each item is based on its basic probability (Pbase) which was set during the item creation by developers. The most rare items have basic probability equal to 1 and the most popular items have this value equal to 128.

New attack round is consists of the following turns:

  1. Wizard 1 randomly chooses one attacking item (Stick, Stuff or Pet) to damage his opponent. Maximum possible damage is defined as Amax = 8 - log2(Pbase)
  2. Wizard 1 generates a random number A in a range from 0 to Amax to define damage.
  3. Wizard 2 prevents part of this damage by the related item (Shirt vs Stick, Pants vs Stuff and Boots vs Pet). To do this Wizard 2 generates a random number D from 0 to Dmax , where Dmax= 8 - log2(Pbase).
  4. Potential damage is calculated as DMG = A - D (In the double damage round DMG = 2 * A - D).
  5. Wizard 2 is trying to prevent the rest of the damage using a corresponding magic item with R = 8 - log2(Pbase) (Hat vs Stick, Belt vs Stuff and Cloak vs Pet). Wizard 2 is also casts another random number P in a range from 0 to 10.
  6. If P > R - DMG then Wizard 2 gets all the damage DMG and otherwise he prevents it and gets no damage this turn.
    After all attack rounds winner will be the Wizard who get less damage. In a case of a tie, the Magic God will randomly determine the winner.

Dynamic Wizard creation price

Initially we were planning to define Wizard creation cost based on the marketplace deals. But is was to really hard to implement such pricing calculation in a smartcontract, so we decided to make this price constant for the launch.

We did not leave this idea at all and were planning to return to it later. Moreover, the community asks us for many times to increase the Wizards creation price. But we countered that because manual changing the price is not a good way in a blockchain world. In continuing community discussion the optimal solution had been suggested. The idea is to connect Wizard creation cost to the Wizards supply in the game on a corresponding way: Price = 0.1 + 0.000001 * Wizards supply. The price should be calculated with a precision of 0.01 EOS.

This way the price will be growing slowly with the increasing the number of Wizards in the game. And the price will go down when players will burn their wizards and decrease the supply.

This update will be released after Wizard number 35000 will born.

Backend fully update

Backend is the most hidden part of the game but very important. In theory when the dapp is built in blockchain it can be serverless. In practice backend is used to calculate a lot of statistics for UI and it is really hard to build a userfriendly game without it.

For the last month players had mentioned that number of missing transactions were growing and it took time to update them on UI. The reason is connected with the blockchain specifics where forks are possible and we need to process them properly.

In the first version of our backend we were focused on the UI performance and that is why we were using the latest accessible block from the blockchain to synchronize with a backend and to show on UI transaction results as fast as possible. Forks were rare and we were resolving them by periodic resynchronization.

But for the last couple of weeks the number of transactions in EOS was rapidly growing and the number of forks became significant. The first version of our backend was not synchronizing properly. So we decided to rebuild all the backend to finally resolve all synchronization issues.

It is very important for us to update the backend before battles will start. Because missing transactions are very annoying for players and waiting for synchronization could kill the gameplay.

UI improvements

Lots of UI improvements were suggested in Wizards community and we are going to implement some of them in nearest release:

  1. Scatter Desktop support.
  2. PocketEOS support.
  3. Item screen with statistics.
  4. Improved filters in the Marketplace and Wizards storage.
  5. Marketplace sales statistics.
  6. Burning Wizards.
  7. Gift a Wizard to another player.

We know that all our players are waiting for tournaments for a long time, but sometimes development on a brand new blockchain is full of surprises and some parts of the game take much more time than what was initially planned.
Be patient, we are working hard and PvP battles are coming very soon!

After we will release all the described updates we will launch tournament and will allow players to create their own tournaments.

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Hi! The item-based battles is definitely more interesting than only DNA-based. I was a little bit upset about DNA-battles and recently made a post about DNA-battles simulation. It seems to me, the better solution is to combine the rules.