How EOS will be launched to a live blockchain

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Here's how EOS is able to be launched as an independant blockchain while retaining the tokens everyone has purchased.

Once development is completed, EOS will be marked as open source and published for anyone to publish and play with. Block.One has said they will not launch the EOS themselves which may sound confusing, however by nature blockchains are open source distributed systems.


EOS will be published as open source and the community is then free to copy and launch multiple EOS chains. All of them will be based on the same genesis block released by Block One. This means that people who had purchased EOS tokens, will be able to access them on all EOS chains that are started.

Over time only one of the chains will get the most support, and that's the one that block producers will produce blocks on, because the most popular chain will have the most value and block producers will support the copy the earn the most from. The EOS chain with the most user support will naturally become the official one, and this will become known as the official EOS.

This behaviour of open source blockchain ensures that no one will use a copy that isn't fairly distributed, or that has been tampered with. The community will naturally support the version with the most support and all tokens purchased today will be translated over to the live EOS blockchain.


So, it's an open-source blockchain with the potential to be forked from day one, like BCC but earlier. So token holders may have 1, 2, or 5 tokens... kind of amazing if you think about it. Can you confirm my simple summation correct? Can @eosio confirm this as well?

That's how I understand it as well, so I love to have this question confirm as well

I think that all the tokens go to the one chosen blockchain. It doesn't start like a fork.

The public will support the one that does the right thing and has the best support. You can create a corrupted copy but no one will use it.

I'm not sure you're right @upgrade, I think there might be room for more than one. I take issue with Xenon because they're forking EOS blockchain but not distributing to EOS ERC20 holders. But if you have a ETH wallet, you'll supposedly get some next week.

Its not even its own block chain yet so what are they forking? Good luck with getting any public support.

I don't think they'll get a lot of support but it's also early, who knows what they can bring to the table.

Excited to see this live!