EOS Voting Portal Update 5/25

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Thank You

One week ago today we requested donations and support to fund this project and we weren’t sure how the request would be received.

As of today, we are pleased to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal of $25,000 USD equivalent!

The team is truly touched by the support we have received, and we are working hard to ensure that the voting portal will be live by launch. The EOSPortal team would like to extend a sincere thank you to the EOS community for your support!

Allocation of Funds

The $25,000 which was raised will be used to pay developers, designers, and cover the back-end costs of EOSPortal.io for at least one year.


Labor: Using a rate of $90 USD per hour, ~25 hours per team member is $19,000
Hosting and back-end costs: $6,000 for one year

Excess Funds

Any additional funds will go toward future feature implementations.

The Team

Below are the core team members that have been working on the project:

  • Cesar - Backend Developer
  • Nathan James, Asgeir, Henrik - Front End Developer
  • Katie - Treasurer & Community Relations (volunteer)
  • Steve Floyd - Branding/Design/Marketing
  • Kevin Rose - Marketing/Copywriting/Project Management (volunteer)
  • Eric Bjork, Sheldon - Server Deployment (volunteer)
  • Eugene Luzgin, Deadlock, Sheldon - Floating Devs
  • David Packham - BP Support (volunteer)
  • David @davidchoidc - Community Support (volunteer)

The Github

  • EOS Portal is entirely open source. Feel free to peruse our progress here.
  • Please see our list of milestones for the project here.

Location of Funds

For the sake of transparency here are the locations of the funds:

Next Steps

An update on the final list of core features and an overview of the UX/UI will be released by May 30th.

Please join the Telegram channel for updates on the project

Go EOS!!!


Hi (@summerskin),

Thanks for the post, getting your EOS tokens registered so you can vote seems like a smart thing to do.
Truth is we wanted to see if you'd be interested more profit potential. TIMM is coming out soon and we're looking for creative talent. If you are not sure, give us a follow and at least get a free trial to check us out.

We've posted more information here: Introduction and here Leverage TIMM for profit.

We are also on Facebook so if you'd like to send us a private message you can here


Here's our new Discord channel invite, so you can join us there.

What a great team! Glad to see everyone rally together and provide resources to create a tool which benefits the whole community. =) Thanks for all your work!

@summerskin you are really doing a great job, not just for steemit, eos nor ONO but for blockchain as a whole....keep it up


great work and well done to all involved.

A big thank you to @summerskin for being the face of the "donation" campaign. Kudos to you!!!!

Thank you for the compliment. I’m lucky the team trusted me with this responsibility.

@summerskin you are really doing a great job, not just for steemit, eos nor ONO but for blockchain as a whole....keep it up

Great work. EOS a real community driven project!

Thank you for the update and for providing transparency! Looking forward to seeing the project unfold!

That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see it in time for launch!

Awesome project with a really solid team behind it! Thank you @summerskin for all you do! BRAVO! We can vote :-)

I am super happy to hear you reached your goal and that the team is moving forward. The preview looks very nice indeed. :-)

That’s wonderful thanks for updates

I'm excited already about EOS, this is going to be huge, but first of all "Fun" ;)

Well done @summerskin! Your team does great work.

Good work, very good explanation and video tutorial. Somehow I couldn't make it work though.
At some point when I'm almost ready to vote I get this:

Anyone else has this problem?
I really do have an eos acount

Wow, I was just asking about who to thank for this wonderful voting tool. This is a fantastic project! Thank you all so much for your time and effort here. Everyone is welcome to come and join our ongoing promotion of excellent BP'S. We are enthusiastic EOS community members that share and shine a light on both positive and negative news about block producers so average Joe's can make better voting decisions.
Proxy vote account: eoswatchdogs
We vote once a day and currently have 30 block producers in 15 countries.