My EOSBit Logo [BeyondBitcoin Contest - EOSBit Logo Challenge]

in eos •  last year

Glance at the post from @officialfuzzy which was written a few hours ago, HERE. He opened the announcement for EOSBIT logo selection, so I took part to design one. Hope this can be useful. :)

I use Corel Draw X7 software. Here are the steps:

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Original Design | 2017

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Great post about eosbit

truly beautiful. one of my definite favorites!


Thanks @officialfuzzy, I'm glad...


dont thank me are the one whose skills caught my eye.. :P


"Thanks" for everything is a humble :D

nice one steemvest17

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oke oke, bereh nyan

Great Job, krack @steemvest7


Thanks very much bang @elshadr
Neu meulakee beu meunang...


Insya Allah meunang.
Aneuk agam lon sang jineuk ikot chit kontes nyan, teungoh ji rancang, ci neutulong cukeh2 blog @aranda

Damn I need to learn how to edit :D Cool post!


Just built on Corel Draw X7... Thanks @thomasfarley :)

good informations
great post


Great !
If you have the time please check my account 🙌

plz Follow me and vote

Hi there
this is a competition that has to do with logo designing of a friend of me that is paying very generously and lacks quality participants. thought you might be interested :)

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