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RE: Coindesk Libels Dan Larimer

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you gotta do a quick review of your dates bro, but think about it this way, someone understands a technology and its implications on the world, so while we're busy chatting away about whatever it is we are doing that day, this guy is dedicated a good portion of his effort to utilizing and refining that technology for the betterment of all mankind, also, not for fame or praise, the guy basically gets the shit end of the stick each time but he soldiers on, respect that man bro he is changing the world you live in, even if its eventually just from fear from the other side, they cant ignore this platform, bitshares or eos,
nikola tesla was a physicist bro, they are in a sense students and programmers of nature, a programmer is very similar, there is more in common than you are giving it credit for in my opinion

I feel blessed to be alive in the same time as Elon Musk and Dan Larimer you will get it one day i think, maybe 9 centuries later xD


I'm not feeling blessed in any way being more stuck into technology, screen and internet. It's personal opinion. Especially when i'm not a DEGeneration of modern technology but someone who is there from a start of computing systems and basic - ZX Spectrum as a first Personal Computer.

Living a life in a blockchain with 20 hours daily, while finances created from Thin Air of your "life" -while it's stuck to a screen, are generating more factories, oil rigs and other destroyers of the AIR which you can't live without, but you are STILL FUCKING STUPID TO UNDERSTAND IMPORTANCE OF AIR, having a blast of rudeness to violate my right on telling you in a polite way TO NOT USE A NAME OF WORLDS GREATEST MINDS comparing to a "Great CTO" who found a way to program a blog that will post to a technology storage such as Torrent HASH (which exists for over a DECADE now) and Crypto took it over renaming it to blockchain.

Nikola Tesla almost died proving his concepts of Electricity, Energy Flow, Signals. Things ENTIRE PLANET couldn't imagine. What this great "CTO" we are talkiing about here did for this planet ? Gave you cash ? Ahahahha

Although your tone is violent, your argument has a point.
Try to be more elegant, and maybe you will get more respect in return.

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