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This Knight generally feels at home with a lance in his hand and a horse between his legs...... hold on...... no that read fine.

So when it comes to reading the new EOS Release Notes on Github, he feels somewhat (hmmmm) inadequate.

Not that it matters to SirKnight though - for he doesn't know how to forge a sword or suit of armour either - he simply looks good wearing them.

Which leads to the next observation - how good is the newly release EOS Dawn website looking?


Call SirKnight an 'old fashioned conservative freedom-fighting thinker' if you will, but he is simply captivated by the EOS story.

Decentralise everything? Yes please!

Stick it to the Central Banks, Fund Managers, Debt Promoters and Derivative Engineers? You bet yah!!

Could SirKnight merely be a naive squire suckered in by Dan Larimer and his proclaimed life mission to:

"find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all."

'Yes' he could.

Are there risks associated with investment in Blockchain technology? 'YES' there are.

But what if... what if... just as the Windows operating system changed the computing world as we knew it all those years ago - what if... the EOS operating system is about to it all over again.

So YES, with 1 aussie dollar buying more than 1 EOS token now - SirKnight is MERRILY accumulating.

I am... SirKnight!

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That is also my feeling. What if...

Im not risking it I'm in :)

I never forget the powerful are more powerful then I can imagine. I'm in but remain skeptical and cautiously tentative with all this stuff. At the end of the day they can take it all away; gold, crypto, cash, everything. I have heard of small communities creating their own currency (to beat gfc) to trade necessities & local stuff, might be a less extravagant life but certainly a more free one. Couldn't locate a link to the one I was thinking about sry.

I think we need to be doing more with cryptos, i.e. If you wanted some plans drawn, I'm sure we could come to an arrangement in bitcoin. We draw up a contract and a way we go. The issue is that we have to return to a culture of trust and honour, not one based on our current litigious culture.

Or if I had an old desk and you needed a cheap desk. Transact in bitcoin (or whatever) which requires the same amount of trust as you would need on ...say gumtree.com

What do think?

Nah - can't take it all away without starting a civil war. All the masses have to do is stick together. If the masses move to cryptos - elite are stuffed - except to say elite will see it happening and set themselves up nicely anyway. They always do.

They have rigged the game for sure.

Never looked into EOS. I'll check it out today.


Thankyou Chinese officials for announcing nothing and let me buy tens of thousands of super cheap EOS on all the confusion.

Where can you buy EOS right now? In particular are there any exchanges that you can trade for EOS. Always enjoy readjng your comical posts.

Hi Gniksvart and thanks.

I use the Exodus Wallet it has an internal exchange. I give no guarantees as to the quality of the Exodus Wallet - however, I do note that there are a number of Steemit and YouTube personalities who use it without reservation. Be sure to register the wallet with EOS before June 2018. Exodus gives instructions on how to do this. SK.

:) Well Written.

G'day. I'm with on that one! I've only got 100 EOS but looking to top up now.

waiting for more from you sirknight! keep motivating!

Thanks Five

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