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I admit these things can make me nervous and when you have not used an interface before it can be even more nerve racking especially when you feel that you may have missed part of the process and you have lost your money due to a simple mistake.

Here is a run through on how to generate your keys, register and send ETH to the EOS Token Distribution which is now open.

The Process

Step 1 - Take a deep breath and go to http://eos.io/ and click on "tokens" on the home page and then click on "get EOS" - Read all instructions, terms and conditions.

Step 2 - Generate EOS Key here - EOS Key Generator

Step 3 - Save generated EOS Keys in two places because when you close the window they will be gone (screen shot and save to file)

Step 4 - Go to MyEtherWallet and click CONTRACTS

Step 5 - Access EOS contract from drop down list

Step 6 - Click 'select a function" and 'register' your EOS PUBLIC KEY

Step 7 - Enter - Send 0 / Gas 90000 - click 'Generate Transaction"

Step 8 - Go to "Send Ether & Tokens" page

Step 9 - Send to Address = 0xd0a6E6C54DbC68Db5db3A091B171A77407Ff7ccf

Step 10 - Your chosen amount (Example: 10 ETH)

Step 11 - Gas 90000

Step 12 - Data field is optional (I put in my public address for a reference)

Step 13 - Generate Transaction

Step 14 - Send Transaction

Step 15 - Congratulate yourself for buying EOS

Step 16 - Wait until the buying window has closed for that specific period that you purchased within - First buying window is 5 days. The next will be 23 hours each respectively until all 341 day windows have been completed.

Step 17 - Claim tokens after window has closed.

Step 18 - Claim Tokens = Go to MyEtherWallet and click CONTRACTS


load the token details into the Ethereum Foundation Wallet (Mist) or MyEtherWallet with the following detail:

Token Address: 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0
Decimals: 18
Symbol: EOS
Name: EOS

Once I did this my EOS tokens were visible once I completed the below instructions.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.10.15 pm.png

Step 19 - Click "select a function" button and find "claimALL" button

Step 20 - Unlock your wallet

Step 21 - Click 'write'

Step 22 - Enter "0" for amount

Step 21 - Enter "3141592" for the gas

Step 22 - Congratulate yourself for receiving your EOS


I hope this was as useful and good luck.

Let me know if I have missed anything.



SOURCES: All words in my post are my own including rights to all images and music where relevant. Videos are also linked to their relative sources.

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Great tutorial Sebastian! Has worked perfectly for me so far, I have yet to claim tokens. I do have a question, As i am choosing to obtain EOS tokens over multiple days do i need to register a public/private keychain for each transaction, Or is that initial registration good for all my future transactions?
Once again Thanks so much for such a great tutorial!

You should be able to use the same process for the entire year. Claim tokens after the close of each window that you choose to invest in. Make sure to set up an EOS token in your token list in your Ether wallet. These details are in the tutorial so you should be ok. :)

Thank You , I just claimed my tokens! I will be obtaining more slowly over the remaining time of the offering.

Good call. It looks like the price will settle down after yesterdays craziness. Did you buy in the $6 window?

Unfortunately i did , but thats ok, you live and learn, ill definitely keep an eye on the EOSscan tool and try to obtain more tokens at a more favorable price. I will continue to follow your posts, and keep the videos coming I find them full of pertinent information. Luckily I was just getting my feet wet as this is my first foray into the ITO or ICO world, so i only used small amount of ETH 0.25

Thats good. I am sure you will get some more if you so choose at a better rate. Even todays rate is looking a little more settled however there will always be a run towards the back end of each window. I will be sitting back for a few weeks before I even look at re-entering.

Just got a few more tokens at a better rate used the http://eosscan.io/# page to make decision at the end of the period. I too will be sitting back for a while, after watching your Video blog #66
I decided I would see how the overall market trends before contributing any further . I have some thoughts as to how the continued funding of the EOS ITO will go in relation to the value of ETH. I want to see if any of Ideas make sense before i get more invested.
Once again thanks for all the Help.

Well it looks like the initial excitement has calmed down quite a bit, and maybe with the lull in the action it seems like a good spot to start considering small moves in. I wonder how much of an effect the downturn in the overall market is having on this long term ITO, It will be interesting to see if the action on the EOS ITO picks up again if the overall market makes a more substantial recovery. I am guessing it may be rather quiet until after August 1st!

Found the answer to my above question here

This is also a really great post with lots of additional information,You only have to register Key pair(public Key) once to the address that you have control of that will posses the tokens at the end of the ITO.

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Frank III

Thank you good post!

Now this is very comprehensive and it shows your keen interest in EOS.

This step by step instructions are simply awesome because I missed these when I bought my 1st ICO by missing the gas limit.

Keep the good work up

Thanks. I decided today to get involved with EOS.So we will see if my gut instincts were correct sometime by the end of 2018.

I can't be the only one who is not convinced by EOS?

Nothing in crypto is 100% certain as most of the technology is still in beta or has work to do to prove itself. In saying this you have to trust your instincts. Dan Larimer developed Steem and Bitshares and the brilliance behind these platforms is clear. I feel based on the interaction I have with these existing Graphene platforms, the vision for the future and the fact Dan has been very active in the EOS telegram account talking about the entire project and explaining everything with a high level of transparency, my confidence has grown. I took the plunge and invested strongly into EOS today. I feel EOS will do very well.

Well good luck, I hope it works out for you. Maybe I'm just being a tool but I can't see what EOS is doing special.

EOS will be faster, scalable and will be ready for the explosion of growth in the future for all DAPPS. It is built for the future where Ethereum is not and will need to be rebuilt to handle growth. Look up the benefits and power of the Graphene blockchains.

Meh... maybe I'll have to read up on the tech again, maybe I have been unfair towards EOS.

I feel that could be the case. :) All I can see is a platform that will handle everything required into the future. There is a heap to read up on it. SOme of it is lingo that can be hard to grasp at first. I trust the development team and their vision. EOS has a blog page on Steemit. Look it up. Then look up the Graphene. Worth it. Speed, seemless transfers and transaction power will be integral in an ever growing blockchain space. Those that build their DAPPS off EOS will have a brilliant foundation. Time will tell.

So I had a read of it and I have somewhat changed my mind. Although I don't really see how people who aren't going to start a business on EOS can make money on it without just trading when prices go up.

The money with be in the technology, the DAPPS and yes you will be able to trade. I would imagine EOS will bring together all the Graphene based techs like Steem, Bitshares, golos, PeerPlays and more. There are companies and development teams already looking at adding a variety of DAPPS to EOS.

This is valid point and I do believe it it that nothing is 100% guarantee in forex untill somethi g is regulated.

So I am following my basic rule of not to pit more than 5% in ICOs and currently those 5% are in SONM and 21million.

But yes I can wait for EOS as we have plenty of time for it.

@sebastianjago can you make a little review of DasCoin?

21 million have not heard of that. Sonm I feel is a great idea. Much like Golem. Will be slow to move I feel as the technology and infrastructure will be time consuming however the concept is a good.

Great post. Very comprehensive, I'm going to have a go after all with this info.

You have 350 days to do so. :) 200 Million in first 5 days and then 2 million every subsequent day after that. I feel there may be some bargains to be had in 100+ days time once the ICO energy settles down. I will be buying again in 101 days. :)

Good idea, after the hype has died down a bit, I agree, might be cheaper.

Thank you. It is very comprehensive.
Nice post!