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RE: Coindesk Libels Dan Larimer

in #eos5 years ago

Excellent Dan!
You, and your team, are Utopian generous in a Capitalist world...
I'm Canadian! I get it - but the rest of the world might have have been looking for a hidden angle, when, in truth, there was none.
This update makes sense!
Although, if I understand you from your sincere views on your Steemit posts (and from one-on-one conversation with you), you were probably against it based on the principle of equality and fairness...
This update is rational in the world we currently live in.
I love your vision for the future, and I'm so incredibly grateful that your intellect and your morals combined to make you who you are.
I'm excited for your future, and I sense your hand will play a role in crafting
Steem on, my brother!



I really resonate with your words @scan0017. I truly feel like this is the platform that can unite us as humans to create a better world. Ever since I learned about the open source community, I felt in my bones it was the way we could create an abundant future together. Just followed you and look forward to being connected. Onward and upward!

We're on the same page.
You, me, everyone ...
The quickening is at hand,
Most haven't even opened their eyes,
Even if they did, they wouldn't know what they were gazing upon.
Trust your instincts; follow them,
Human beings are the only animals on the planet that don't immediately trust their instincts.
You already know what to do.
How do I know if it's the right thing?
You know.

Love this. The quickening indeed! I was just talking about that last night. Our global consciousness is uniting at an exponential rate it seems! If Bucky Fuller were around, he would totally be a Steemian!

Extremely well said scan0017 - I also have parked my body at this time in the Canadian jurisdiction. Anybody that would have done the effort to research Dan's life and his technological manifestations as a consequence of his ethical and moral aspirations has to be proud of what both Larimer's (Stan & Dan) are trying to achieve and have so far accomplished. They might not be perfect - nobody is by the way in a fractalized universe - but they are in my book 2 of the most courageous and to be appreciated souls to walk this earth.

I encourage everybody to do their own research and do not trust anybody with their "opinion" - or at least pick your influencers wisely - onwards Cryptocommunity - this is just the beginning ;-)

Cheers brother - thank you.
We are closer to Gene Roddenberry's ideal for a perfect society than we have ever been...
Forward thinking people like you, me, everybody with their eyes on tomorrow for motives other than profit, we ARE the leaders, whether we recognize it or appreciate it...
Educate yourselves, orient your compass correctly, and let's make our generation be the one that historians write about as the fulcrum point where history made its right-angle turn which led towards the better tomorrow we all believe in.

I'm game - onwards ;-)

I know you didn't mean anything remotely in support of the system of enslavement which most of us here understand and work tirelessly to expose. But I have it from several sources that Gene Roddenberry was a high level Freemason, and that Star Trek was an extremely clever predictive programming exercise with multiple objectives, not the least of which was prepping humankind to not only accept, but plead for the transhuman singularity, i.e. the beginning of an AI controlled world and the end of the human soul.

Definitely not my intention; I'm absolutely against enslavement (been married).
I like a Utopian ideal where everyone can contribute their gifts to society and no one ever goes hungry, lacks medical care, or fears land mines.

As for the singularity...
If that ever comes to fruition in my lifetime, no thank you.
I'm curious to see what comes after death (though not in any hurry).

People seek immortality in THIS mortal coil... We're already eternal.

This ride on planet earth is just one roller coaster in a Universal Amusement Park that goes on forever...
And I want to ride the teacups 😉

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