Has MyEtherWallet's EOS Distribution instructions left you with more questions than answers?

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MyEtherWallet finally added EOS Distribution to their list of "Existing Contracts," which is wonderful for usability. Unfortunately, their instructions are grossly incomplete.

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Generate EOS Key-pair

You can do that here

Register / Map your EOS Key

This can be done at any point between now and end of ICO. What's important is that when the ICO ends, the ERC20 tokens are in a wallet mapped to an EOS public key. If you are not planning on hodling for the new EOS chain, this may be irrelevant to you.

Fund EOS Contract on Send Page


Claim EOS Tokens

You cannot claim tokens until the end of the window you contributed to. The first window is 5 days long and ends July 1st. Every subsequent window is 23 hours. This means if you contributed to first window, you need to wait until it closes on July 1st to exercise claimAll(). If you contributed to window 143, you will need to wait for that window to close before exercising claimAll()

Additionally, it should be noted that you can claim() tokens from a specific window, instead of all windows. Though, this isn't very useful for 99.99999% of people. It would be the same instructions as given for claimAll(), except you put the window number into the respective field after selecting claim() from the dropdown.

More EOSCrowdsale Tips

I hope this was helpful. If you want to dig in further, check out this exhaustive post on using MEW for EOS Token Sale

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