Full Walkthrough: How to Join EOS ICO

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Backup MetaMask

  • Click MetaMask Addon Button

  1. Click to open the menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Reveal Seed Words

Tip: Download KeePassX password manager and store your Seed Words on USB.

Buy Ether

I prefer Changelly - they take a great range of crypto and Credit Cards

  1. Select the currency you want to exchange for Ether
  2. Select ETH
  3. Click Exchange

  • Open MetaMask and Click to Copy your ETH Address

  1. Paste your Ethereum Address
  2. Click Next

Next Screen is self-explanatory, just click Confirm and send the currency of your choice in exchange for Ether.

Enter EOS.io ICO

U.S. Citizen? Get a VPN NOW!

  • Visit EOS.io
  • Find and Click Get EOS
  • Confirm the checkboxes

U.S. Citizen? Get a VPN NOW!

  • Under How to Participate Click EOS TOKEN DISTRIBUTION APP

Generate EOS Keys

2017-06-26 16_11_37-EOS Token Distribution.png

  1. for my own safety, I can't show you this step, but you need to click GENERATE EOS KEYS

make sure to back your Private Key up using above mentioned KeePassX and USB stick, and confirm it via MetaMask popup



  1. Select Period
  2. Enter ETH Amount
  3. Click Send ETH

  1. Click ACCEPT in MetaMask popup


You can claim your EOS Tokens after your invested Period is done. Period 0 ends in 5 days for example, then you can claim.

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This tutorial helped me with Generate EOS Token part. Thank you!


none of those cover metamask or how to buy ether etc...


do you need to export private key with this EOS sale or does metamask do that on Auto with this interface? Will you do another showing how to get the EOS tokes to the wallet?

I'm quite new to the whole ICO thing. How is the EOS ICO cost compared to what it costs on a typical exchange?


here are all stats http://www.eosscan.io/


Thanks, I'll check it out.

An absolute RESTEEM and UPVOTE

thank you for sharing

Nice one I got in and was wondering why the claim eos tokens tab was greyed out! I did think it was after the phase ends which you have confirmed! Thanks and nice post!

There is one thing that I'm not sure about. Now I have EOS key and also I have the MetaMask key. Which one should I use to claim my tokens on the EOS chain ?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You may want to read this before investing:

If I sent eth first before generating an eos key, am I OK as long as I generate a key before this first period ends? I only need that once I need to claim the tokens, correct?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The definitive guide, excellent!

Great post, do not rush steemians, wait some time so you know what price you will buy the tokens at.

what do I have to do, if I created my EOS key ~after~ I sent ETH to the contract address?


makes no difference


The generate key part has to be done before 48 hours has passed after the last token auction next year. Also you can apparently claim anytime you want in that period, but only the tokens for which the auction window has passed.


yes. i thought the 0.0 clamable tokens would mean, that the system did not realize, that i payed into the contract. but appearantly its normal to see 0.00 claimable tokens, since the auction window hasn't passed yet. thank you.


Yes, we are only a couple of hours into the 2nd of 5days of the 1st window. Not confusing or anything. But seeing the Chinese fomo-tsunami, not being able to figure it out could be a blessing in disguise. Then again holding eth once ICOs start cashing out, might not be any better.


I bought eos tokens on an exchange and sent to MetaMask. I'm trying to register them and having difficulty. if I buy on an exchange do i have to "claim" them first?

So I've tried torproject vpn with no luck. Does trust.zone work well or better. I'm having no luck with torproject. I'm using a mac not windows operating system. That shouldn't matter right? Thanks for time and answers.

MetaMask is Awesome!!

Nice and useful How-To Tutorial!

I went in using the Metamask app, but it's not working now and I can't claim my tokens. Is anyone else having this problem? Can I claim them using another interface?


yes, EOS did not update the site to work on the latest metamask update.

you can export your private key in metamask and add it to MyEtherWallet and use that to interact with eos

Great info. Thanks :)

Is there a way to see the total amount invested in real time ?


If we can follow in real time. Doesn't it mean that people will always wait the last minute to invest, according to what others already did?



Thanks, now I know that "claim eos tokens" being greyed out is not a problem.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Very big help. Thank you. Now if you could also add how to transfer to mist wallet after the 5 days. Best instructions for this ICO

If I already bought EOS on an Exchange but don't have MetaMask or MyEthereumWallet yet. What would be the easiest way for me to make sure I get my tokens on June 1 2018?

I M Still confused... here is my transaction if anyone can help me understand the same in simple language.


I have performed every steps carefully, still not able to see EOS tokens in my MEW Wallet.

Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks @ash

I'm having a problem, I bought the Tokens, and after 14 hours the Transaction history vanished. It is not appearing at https://eos.io/distribution/

I paid for the EOS token from my Imtoken. Please how can I claim it?

Hello, write slightly off topic, but still. We are Araneobit - money transfer system based on the blockchain. The Commission for money transfer is set independently.
You can invest money

EOS To the MOON!!!!!!!!)

during this market dip EOS is holding its value so much guys wake up and buy the dam thing!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent in ETH to get EOS tokens about 80 days ago, thinking that I would have to wait until EOS launched its blockchain in June before "cashing out". However, the EOS.io/distribution site is down right now and I'm worried that my EOS is somehow "lost"...

Can anybody help me figure out what's going on? Or have I missed my chance to cash out those tokens?

Hello! Dose any one know the answer on this question.

  1. If I did bought my EOS on a exchange. Transferred the to my Metamask. Should I then also Transfer them to my EOS wallet to be able to get my new EOS. Or is it only that I need to connect this two wallets?
    What exactly is the process above showing. Buying or transferering?