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RE: Reponse to Vitalik's Written Remarks

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Once again critiques of DPOS, EOS, and STEEM are based upon flawed economic assumptions, misinformation, and ignorance/denial of vulnerabilities in their proposed solutions.

To be fair, there are not much good and clear documentation available to explain how DPOS-blockchains work. It requires quite a lot of work to find all relevant information so most people don't do it.

For example, the Steem whitepaper is still not updated so it's very much outdated now. If somebody wants to understand how Steem works, they have to read the whitepaper and then go through a lot of old posts in Steem to find out what's changed and why.

As the old saying goes, "if the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught".


I have not wanted to be so critical, but it's vexing, how poorly Steemit is documented right now... and it makes it difficult to learn about it, or understand it very well, for thousands of new users. @ned

It's open source. Go document it.

Haha, this is how programmers think. "My code is my documentation, go see what it does. See, I put comments in there!" :)

I must totally upvote you on this comment of yours...
Programmer here (although a different platform).
Guilty as charged.

This is a fair point. I do wonder if @Dan is purposely not publishing a lot of DPOS documentation to prevent giving someone else the blueprint and beating him to the punch.

I think he is just so busy with inventing new stuff that he doesn't have time to teach newbies.

You can lead a student to water, but you cannot make him drink.

If you create a build guild for Steem and EOS and someone else tries to build them by following the guide but is met with errors and a failed build because the build guide skips many steps, that's the fault of the person creating the guide, not the person trying to build the systems.

Take some responsibility for your shitty documentation and sort it out instead of essentially calling people idiots for not being mind readers.

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