OpenLedger reply on OPEN.EOS tokens, the switch to real EOS coins and airdrops

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For those wondering about what will happen to their open.EOS tokens stored in their Bitshares DEX wallet after the switch to "real EOS" I entered a support ticket with OpenLedger and asked them this and also about airdrops there.

My Question:
"Hi, if it is true can you please assure me that my open.eos tokens in my openledger wallet will be replaced with the real eos token in June (or whenever it is released)? And if so can I keep my new real eos tokens in my openledger wallet and would I receive any airdropped tokens there or should I move my eos to their wallet when that comes out? Thanks in advance!"

Their Response on 3/1/18:
"Sorry for keeping you waiting.
OpenLedger doesn't support any airdrops.
You will have open.EOS on your openledger wallet after June, but if you decide to withdraw your OPEN.EOS you will receive new updated EOS in EOS blockchain.
Or you can you can withdraw your funds, change old EOS into updated EOS and then deposit new EOS to OpenLedger.
In any case,you won't loose your funds.

Based on this response I think I'm going to move my erc20 EOS tokens to my MEW wallet sooner rather than later and register the wallet so that I can receive the real coins there and any airdrops before (if that's even a possibility) and after the switch to "real EOS".

I don't have many followers so if anyone reads this please resteem to help spread the message, I'm sure others are wondering about this too, thanks!

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You should be very careful with openledger and should not hold your funds there. They allow to transfer funds in, but make impossible to get them out and then ignore support tickets and no money...


Cool article I definitely will use this info on my stream tonight.... but to me this seem like you will receive the swap in a work around kind of way ... see your eos is never in the online wallet you in a bad was of explaining it have to wallets the online version has open eos what reps the eos you deposited always so essentially the offline wallet will get the swap so if you have eos in there today as a erc-20 token when you pull move it after said token swap you will receive the network token

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