EOS-based Idle RPG game development #4

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Hello. We are Bada Studio who is making EOS Knights.
It's the 4th development story.

You can see last dev story below.
Stroy 3. https://steemit.com/eos/@raindays/2xzg8r (not translated to English yet.)
Stroy 2. https://steemit.com/eos/@raindays/eos-based-idle-rpg-game-development-2
Stroy 1. https://steemit.com/eos/@raindays/eos-based-idle-rpg-game-production-1

EOS Knights is planning to release in early August. We decided to release the BETA version before. The beta version connects to JungleNet. You need a JungleNet account to play the game. To create an account, please check the page below.

The beta version is available here!

Please play and give us a lot of feedback here!

Server Setting

EOS Knights do not need a server because it records all the data in the chain. however, some utility functions use our server. Like sorting and filtering for the marketplace goods, and push notification. I decided to use Google Cloud.

From deposit method to the instant payment method

In the story3, we implement EOS deposit and withdraw action for users. This method is more secure than the way Contract gets its EOS directly, but It is burdensome for the contract to keep the user's deposit. It should not happen, but if the contract is hacked, there is a risk that the 'deposit' that we have to return to the user could be lost. So I changed the deposit method to withdraw immediately. It used the memo field of transfer.

Contract Code Open

The contract code can be found here. I hope I can help the developers. If you find any problems in our code, please leave issues here or GitHub. We would really appreciate it.

IOS build Rejected

The iOS build was rejected 2 times. We thought it would not be possible to trade items between users, so we were going to exclude this feature. However, it is not possible to purchase items by EOS itself, so it is not possible to release the iOS for the time being. It seems that it was possible until recently, but it seems to be unreasonable recently. The iOS version will be released without billing function when web version is released later. I decided to start the service for Android first.

Beta build on Android

Fortunately, Android seems to be running some games that deal with cryptography. Not many, but "Cryptobots" and "Crypto tanks" are on the store. I decided to start the service for Android.

Web version preparation

ironically, for the launch of the iOS build and the stable operation of Android build, we thought it necessary to release a web version. If mobile platform vendors continue to struggle with cryptographic billing restrictions, in the long run, the mobile version will focus on play, and billing and trade will be only available on the Web version. We will start this work in mid August, I think it will be available in early November.


Early August: Release of MAINNET Android Version
End of October: Web version beta release
Early November: Web version main net release, iPhone version release


Hello there!! I've downloaded the game, but i have tis problem.

Sorry about that. Can you connect to below link with your mobile phone?

Ys i can read here the terms and conditions, but the problem remains. The game doesn't load.

EOS Jungle Net has stopped during patching v1.1.1 version. I think it may be the effect. After jungle net run again, please try again connect. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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