EOS-based Idle RPG game development #2

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Cyrpto Knights

In the last article, I think there was little introduction about the game itself. Crypto Knights is a mobile game that runs on the EOS smart contract. It is idle RPG game, and is being developed with the target of launching on July 15th.

How to play.

  1. Hire kights
  2. Every time you revive the knights, you will get reward boxes.
  3. When you open the reward box, you get the materials used to make the item.
  4. With item, you can make your knight stronger.
  5. Rare materials or items can be traded in the market and users can earn EOS coin.

What is different from existing idle games?

Everything, including dropping of materials and making of items, is carried out transparently on the EOS smart contract. Nobody can issue rare items secretly or make a items with super stats. In other words, you can "trust" the rareness of the materials and items. This trust is important so that users can buy and sell materials and items in the market with EOS.

What is different from existing blockchain games?

A typical blockchain game, CryptoKitties runs on the Etherium platform. It takes 10 minutes for transactions to be confirmed, so the user's actions are very limited.

CryptoNights runs on the EOS platform and takes only 0.5 seconds to complete the transaction. You can enjoy this game as you would play a regular game. Cpryto Knights is the only "fun" game to date that works in smart concert.

What can the user get with this game?

User can earn EOS by selling good materials and items to the market.

How does user get more rare materials?

  • Craft good equipment.
  • It is also a good choice to buy materials or items from the market to grow fast.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • As your character gets stronger, the chances of getting good stuff increase.

Intermediate demo play

Although UI and design have not been applied yet, you can see the approximate game image through the following video.

Business Model

How does the development team make money?

  • We sell knights
  • We sells magic powder, an internal token. You do not have to buy it because you can collect the magic powder by destroying materials or equipment, but you can buy it if you want to grow fast.
  • It cost to expand user's inventory. If user's inventory is large, the user can sell more materials or items to market.
  • We charge a part (1-4%) of the material and item sale price between users from the seller by tax.
  • We issue a small amount of material at regular intervals like CryptoKitties. Material issued is transparent.

Team Bada

Crypto Knights aims to be the first game after launching the EOS main net. Skilled people joined the project.

Client Programmer

I am a game client developer with 10 years of experience and leading this team. This is the first time to develop a blockchain dApp. In order not to miss this opportunity, I decided to leave my work. For the time being, I will concentrate only on the development of Crypto knights.

Server Programmer

While all data used in crypto-knights is generated and recorded in the blockchain, the functionality provided by the chain is limited to implement some specifications. The following features are those that require a separate server. Programmers who worked together at the previous start-up joined us for the development below. They are 10-year career server programmers and taking part in private time outside of work.

  • Notification of completion of trading in the chain (When my item was sold to someone)
  • Filtered/sorted market item listing (EOS table only support paging)
  • Ranking
  • Chatting


Designer who will take charge of art such as character design of game joined. Also UI Artist, who is the acquaintance of conceptist, joins and shows synergy. The schedule is tight but they are making hard results. They are working on the following tasks.

  • Character Concept Art
  • Background design
  • Pet Concept Art
  • UI / UX

Development progress

It is now two weeks since the members joined. Everyone is a very good member of the team. It was a short time, but we are quickly applying the results to the build.

Smart contract

About 95% of the entire specification was developed for Smart Contract

  • Create knights / level up / apply bonus stat
  • Rebirth / material reward boxes
  • Item craft / equipping / synthesis / gamble
  • Material / item shop that can trading between users
  • Pet gacha / growth
  • Expand user's inventory
  • Change stage
  • Magic powder shop
  • Purchase / sales history


  • Functionally, it operates about 70%.


The following are applied in the build.

  • Character Illustration
  • Some background design
  • Some UI design cues
  • Some pet illustrations


The following are under development.

  • Ranking (done)
  • Chatting (done)
  • Notification of completion of trading (done)
  • Material and item store searching (under development)

Looks interesting and I want to try but I don't want to enter my private key.

Doesn't EOS have permissions built in so you can verify account? Similar to steem-connect on steem.

I guess maybe people can create a second wallet on EOS to play the game.

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