EOS-based Idle RPG game development #3

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Hello. This is the Bada Studio team who is making EOS's first mobile idle RPG game.

We will share the progress of the last 2 ~ 3 weeks in this article.
If you want to read last posts, please check here.

In this iteration, we cope with unexpected CPU issues before launching MainNet. There are some risk factors such as RAM cost, but it seems that release will not be a big problem. However, due to these, we delayed the release date from mid July to August.

A homepage with a brief introduction was also opened.

Design improvement

The quality improvement of the pet images is in progress. Overall UI and UX are also improving. SH who will take charge of the design will explain below.

Built-in wallet implementation

EOS Knights is a mobile game. Unfortunately, there is not yet a wallet like a scatterer on mobile platform. So We decided to embed built-in wallet in our game. The keys in the wallet were encrypted and stored securely in the OS keychain. With the built-in wallet, It will ask for every transaction that a user wants to sign.

When the third party mobile wallet app is activated, it will also support signing via that wallet app.

Implement EOS Deposit / Withdraw

The users can deposit EOS into the game and withdraw it from the game when they want. It is much safer than the way the contract, the existing implementation, approaches the balance of the user directly.


CPU Issue

CPU is an expensive resource. Each time a transaction occurs in a chain, the available CPU resources are consumed by the user. To reduce the CPU consumption, we modified some game features so that about 50 transactions are made on average a day (from 300 transactions a day). Nevertheless, 3 EOS or more must be staked to cover it. It's so hard for users to stake from outside game, so we implement built-in staking tools.

When the user's available CPU reaches 0 seconds, the user can not take any action. Even the staking command can not be executed and can be blocked for up to 3 days. Therefore, we checked the user's available CPU before performing the transaction, and the staking window opens automatically if it is too small.

RAM Price

Ram prices are skyrocketing for a few days and we are thinking about countermeasures. Currently, the user is designed to consume up to 4KB of memory, but this price is over 2EOS. It is possible to operate it right away with the memory that we already got when the price is low, but we am worried about if we need more memory for new users. There is still a period of time before release, so we will keep an eye on RAM prices.

From now, it is SH's article who is a charge of art.

Art concept

Hi. It is SH who is a charge of the 'EOS KNIGHTS' art. First of all, I want to tell you that I am very fun and thankful for working with people who are good and talented.

The art team of 'EOS KNIGHTS' has a small number of people, but we strive to show our full potential in a very short time. We are speeding to a fast-paced, constantly shared way of working, and that's still ongoing. This method has the advantage of energizing the work process and unifying the overall atmosphere of the art.

In the art concept of 'EOS KNIGHTS' we have two interesting attempts.
The first attempt is towards a social app style rather than a general game style in UI design. I aimed at an intuitive functionalism design on a white base. The decorative metaphor was avoided. Through this, we wanted to give the user trust.

The second attempt added a humorous imagination to art. For example, I thought about the process of defining the concept of a pet. What about earthworms, weeds, our dogs and drunken marshmallows as pets? I tried to give a little pleasure by adding a little of these imaginations.

'EOS KNIGHTS' Art's efforts are still ongoing. In the release, we will look for something better than now. Thank you.
We will continue to strive for EOS's first mobile game.

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