EOSpace: we are fighting for EOS BP candidacy, let's make a history together

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ID ON STEEMIT: princeandfox

• Official block producer candidate name.
• Location of company headquarters.
• Expected location of servers.
Los Angeles、Hong Kong、Tokyo
• Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc).
AWS Cloud Servers
• Current employee introduction.


EOSpace will use the enterprise cloud service provider Amazon Cloud (AWS) to run the node server. At the beginning of the release phase, especially after the mainline was launched in June 2018, Block Producer's flexibility requirements for expansion will be higher to meet the rapidly changing needs of the EOS DApp community. Using AWS to build our infrastructure is to ensure flexibility, which allows for rapid expansion based on current network needs. The cloud server also offers a multi-region selection that allows us to easily redeploy servers in other areas as needed. The EOSpace team has extensive experience in running cross-regional AWS services. The team once managed billions of applications and the team members were able to maintain the operation of the Block Producer node.

Compared to the use of cloud service providers, the use of independent IDCs will have much lower response speed and flexibility, so the initial phase of EOSpace will not choose to use a separate IDC. Only independent IDCs will be considered in the future when the technical needs of Block Producer become clearer and predictable. In the long run, using stand-alone IDCs can increase efficiency and reduce costs, but only if computing resource requirements are clear and predictable.

We plan to deploy servers in AWS Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to provide the best service for the EOS community. These servers will be optimized for high availability, high performance, and have powerful and powerful resilience against potential attacks.

Our initial server configuration on AWS is as follows and can be expanded as needed:

• Primary and Backup Block Producer Node:
o Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 8 vCPUs / 256GB RAM / 1TB SSD
• Public Full Node:
o Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 4 vCPUs / 256GB RAM / 1TB SSD
• Testnet:
o Network 1G High Shared Network
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 4 vCPUs / 32GB RAM / 128GB SSD

We plan to start deploying nodes in multiple AWS regions from Los Angeles, then in Hong Kong and Tokyo, to ensure the best service for the EOS community. Based on geographical location, performance, and availability, all DApp requests will use Route53 to route to the most appropriate node server.

Each area is isolated into two Availability Zones. Complete fault isolation between AWS Availability Zones. Each Availability Zone is independent, but the Availability Zones in the zone are connected through a low-latency network. If there is any failure of the node, the backup node will switch quickly. Dual-available area design can improve node redundancy. When there is a problem with the operation of the nodes in one of the Availability Zones, the ELB will stop sending requests to these Nodes and automatically switch to the healthy nodes in the other Availability Zones with no manual intervention at all.


After the mainnet lanuch on June 3rd, we will adjust our cloud server expansion plan according to the operation of the EOS network. The initial month's machine configuration is as follows:
• Primary and Backup Block Producer Node:
o Network 20 Gbps (up to 35 Gbps)
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 16 vCPUs / 1024GB RAM / 10TB SSD
• Public Full Node:
o Network 20 Gbps (up to 35 Gbps)
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 16 vCPUs / 1024GB RAM / 10TB SSD
• Testnet:
o Network 5G High Shared Network
o AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
o Intel Xeon 16 vCPUs / 1024GB RAM / 5T SSD


The ultimate goal of EOSpace is to develop first-rate applications through the use of the team's technology so that the public can benefit from it and use it universally, ultimately allowing EOS to gain more recognition. The first step in achieving this goal is to create a truly ground-breaking EOS DApp, and to guide and invest more people in developing DApp, making EOS the most widely used technology.


Our telegram account : http://t.me/eospace
We are taking part to mutiple testnets and running BP nodes since the beginning of April 2018, we can be found in:
• EOS Jungle Testnet:
Producer name: hippo
Organization: EOSpace
• EOS Trinity Testnet:
Producer name: eospace
Organization: EOSpace
• EOSpace Testnet:
Producer name: eosio
Organization: EOSpace


We strongly believe that blockchain technology will make a difference in this world, and we want to be a part of this trend. EOS is a great platform, which takes a lot of effort from every community members to make it prosper together. Not only we are believers of EOS, we are believers of blochchain spirit – contribute, cooperate and sharing, and we are believers of tomorrow.

2018.6-2018.8 we are going to build “bottom ecology” Dapps like explorer, wallet, dappstore, university, media etc, and build up a complete operation team for these Dapps, to help EOS spread among Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou etc.
2018.8-2018.12 we are going to build “application ecology” Dapps like game, IP trackers, food trackers, tokenlized assets etc.
2019.1-2019.6 the university is more mature and able to provide talented students for development of EOS ecosystem.
2019.7-2019.12 during this time we are going to build up a worldwide network including developers, operators, investors of EOS, and build up token fund and labs globally.

Besides operating costs, eospace will be spend all tokens on ecological construction of EOS. Operating costs include (hardware and server costs, team wages, expert consultant costs, etc.). In order to ensure our transparency, we will make a quarterly operating financial statement published in our community. . In terms of the screening of eospace's ecological projects, we will use the community voting and the expert committee's double screening mechanism to ensure the sustainability of DAPP on our nodes.


We are going to NOT pay any token to voters to ensure the fairness and transparency. And we are going to spend tokens on the build of EOS ecosystem, to encourage more developers to develop on EOS and promote EOS community.


Website: http://eospace.io
Telegram: http://t.me/eospace
Telegram contact: princeandfox/tyeenoprom
Email: [email protected]

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