First airdrop for EOS holders!

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Great news for the EOS community! Everipedia announced they will be making a future airdrop of their IQ tokens to EOS holders. It says they will be using the EOS distribution list, but I'm unsure if they are referring to the Ethereum addresses with the EOS ERC-20 tokens, or the future EOS public keys that are already linked to the Ethereum addresses holding EOS.
Either way, it's a good time to register your EOS public key. I'll post more info in the comments when I get it. Or follow @everipedia and @EOS_io on twitter. Also check out for more info in the near future.


What if I buy EOS from an exchange, and I then get this airdrop, I does it need to be bought in the EOS contract?

If you hold your EOS on an exchange you will not get any airdrops unless the exchange says it will support that specific airdrop. The EOS needs to be in a wallet where you control the private keys. But it doesn't matter if you bought the EOS on an exchange or through the EOS token distribution.

I'm not sure yet if the IQ tokens will be sent to the ETH address as erc-20 tokens, or sent to the future linked EOS address as EOS tokens.

With that said, the best way to ensure you get the airdrop is to register your EOS keys as soon as possible. This needs to been done before June anyway.

Thanks a lot, I will look into this soon.

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