Paytomat announces an EOS Block Producer candidate

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Hello EOS community!

We are Paytomat, and we promote our company as candidate for EOS Block Producer.

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Mission Statement

We aim to be the first EOS-based payment processor active in the retail sector (“real life” payments).
We are moving our proprietary payment solution to on-chain and EOS-based core.

Public website and social media

Website -
Telegram -
Twitter –
Facebook –
Github -
Steemit -

Information about the company

A) Official block producer candidate name

B) Location of company headquarters
Tallinn, Estonia

C) Expected location of servers
Primary node: Tallinn

D) Type of servers
Dedicated Root Server EX42-NVMe
Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake
2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD
1 Gbit/s bandwidth

E) Our team

  • Yuriy Olentyr – CEO
    Security professional for almost a decade, with the skills to compete with some intelligence agencies

  • Alexandr Baranovsky - Co-founder
    Marketing and promotion expert with 20 years of field experience

  • Yuriy Savchenko – CTO
    Software industry veteran with strong background in web applications architecture, machine learning and blockchain

  • Eugene Shimalsky - Director of Product
    All-seeing manager, VP Products and technology at age 27 with dozens of people under his leadership

  • Andriy Velykyy - Business Development Director
    Founder and leading mentor of 20+ businesses with diverse experience all around the globe

Overall, we have a team of almost 50 people, more info about the team is on our website.

F) Paytomat contributions to EOS

  • integrated EOS payments into Paytomat Core - allows to make payments to hundreds of merchants in Eastern Europe, Venezuela, US and South Korea
  • created PTI token based on EOS to support the project
  • integrated EOS in Paytomat Wallet, including EOS resource management
  • implemented Simple Wallet protocol into Paytomat Wallet for dapps login and trading
  • created a cross-chain token migration protocol (ERC-20 to EOS tokens)
  • participated in EOS Community Conference 2018
  • made several interviews with EOS community members: EOS World Tour, EOS Ignite, Acro EOS

Coming soon

Large catalog of EOS-based dapps and exchanges inside the wallet, marketplace.

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I support Paytomat candidature as BP on EOS NEtwork. They have been very active in bringing crypto payment to real life.