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RE: EOS.Pizza Major Updates: Whitepaper, Avatar-as-a-Topping and new introductionary video - come get your 🍕

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The best thing is that with pizza there are no forks involved.

But the question is: how many slices would be enough to make it decentralized? There's only so much pizza to go around per slice, and if the slices become too small, the diners are no longer incentivized to keep going.

And what about governance? Who decides who gets the biggest slice? I know from experience that solving this issue can be more problematic than solving the byzantine's general's problem


Haha :) Please read about our Proof Of Slice algorithm which you can find in the whitepaper :) It explains the slice distribution. In total in theory this pizza can be sliced up in 200,000 tiny slices when reaching the hardcap.

I'm sorry, but whitepapers are so not suited for pizza-projects. Have you seen those smears and smudges..?

Where AREN'T you at?

come grab a slice @lexiconical :)

Oh, plenty of places!
I am actually steeming less than ever before, due to my new job which is taking up most of my time and energy. I try my utmost hardest to keep 1 post a day up but don't even manage that!

I agreed with your comment

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