BitShares Hangout #41 | 2017-10-07 | Sat @100PM UTC | OpenSource Agenda [Beyondbit Payouts Powered by SP!]

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BitShares Hangouts Speakers and Worker Proposals Earn Beyondbits for Participating!

Use them to hire attendees and listeners for promotion of your work...or just pay yourself for documenting work done!

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"Join weekly to speak with founding community members of the BitShares Enterprise Dex about history and current events in Cryptocurrency and earn some free BitShares Tokens!" ~officialfuzzy

Hangout Format:

This will go up at least 4 days before the BitShares Hangout. BitShares community members who post subjects to cover and bring topics of discussion are asked to do so in response to this post first. Worker Proposals are a Chief Focus in these hangouts, but other topics and projects are welcome to join. @officialfuzzy can finally pay people who have supported this powerful cryptocurrency for the past 4 years since its birth and evolution. So reply below with valuable topics, updates, info we should cover and earn upvotes from in this thread and earn a special bonus if yours are chosen!

How Much Time Per Topic?

Hangouts will be at least 45 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered may last up to 60 minutes. Given this, we will try to stay with 5-6 core topics and will fit in others where possible.

What do we Earn for Actively Participating?

Those who attend will each earn from a pool of bitshares that will be purchased with earnings from this post. They will then be given directly to you via our new guestbook that we are testing.
Fuzzy will be giving Beyondbits to community founders who attend this weekly hangout to give their own unique perspectives and expert commentary. He will also be giving them to people who give topics and information we choose to use in our hangout!
So make sure you get a BitShares Wallet!

And let's not get SP through upvoting quality information and content worth sharing with the top minds in crypto across the graphene ecosystem!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

Listen to Last Week's Lightly Edited Hangout

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Extract from this weeks Bitshares State of the Network report

  • Bittrex has listed their intention to delist the Bitshares (BTS) token from their exchange by the 13th of October. Shareholders are advised to move their balance from Bittrex to the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange.

  • has announced their new Exchange business located in Thailand to launch on the Bitshares Network.

  • OpenLedger has integrated AirBitz into their wallet security model allowing new users to login and protect their Bitshares accounts with their mobile device and the AirBitz app

  • DoorOne has listed their Bitshares wallet on the Apple app store and is now availible for download by IOS devices.

  • A new release of the Bitshares core client has been released (V.2.0.171001) as part of the Bitshares GUI worker proposal which has completed 34 milestones from this sprint.

Access Your OpenLedger Wallet With a Barcode (Airbitz)

"Airbitz has now partnered with OpenLedger ApS to allow users to login to the decentralized blockchain with the scan of a barcode. Using Airbitz, private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up, meaning that for OpenLedger users, there are no words to write down, no files to save, and no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically."

Potentially getting locked out of your BitShares account because you forgot your password is greatly diminished if using the OpenLedger-Airbitz integration for BitShares. This is very helpful for digital currency newbies.

Video of how to log in with Airbitz by @ash

there are no words to write down, no files to save, and no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically

There has to be something that you can lose or are required to write down/print out, or am I missing something? How do you move your account to another unit and proves your identity?

what u need is always have access to your password, thats essentially what is needed to access your account. In these days there are so many ways to access your password even if you forget, so if you are a forgetful person it is obviously advised to follow the instructions for instance using gmail to always have option to recover password. If you have no way to recover your password, you are basically lost, but it beats having to remember password and binfile both needed to connect, and is by far the bets solution out there.

Well, then their statement is wrong as they say that there is nothing to write down. What is the meaning of this then? Not saying it's bad, just don't understand the practicality about it.

As of today you need:

  1. Your master password
  2. Your binary file OR your magic word sentence

With them you need

  1. Your master password
  2. A QR enabled phone
  3. A third-party service to rely on

Even though I've heard that even if they go down, you will be able to access the services, but it seems like a step in the wrong direction since BitShares and most cryptocurrency is so we don't have to rely on another party for accessing and managing our own money and assets.


🌟Looking forward to another GREAT Bitshares Hangout!
Was interesting to hear about the HERTZ price feed script update by @cm-steem and the RuDEX updates last week, it's a learn as I go along thing.

Would be cool if we could hear some info on STEALTH this week since we didn't get to it last week. The post I put up got a good discussion going and I'm not an expert on the topic to continue that discussion. ;-)

I'm also interested in hearing feedback on Open.EOS/EOS coming to the Bitshares DEX, and the immediate STOP placed on deposits within hours of the announcement. Especially since I had a transfer coming in from Bitfinex that never made it to my OL account :-(

Thanks for your continued support of the hangout presenters!

Bittrex Delisting BitShares token and FUD about BitShares


xeroc addresses the FUD

CEXs on DEXs

Indiciations are that BitFinex is working to build a "DEX" on both EOS and Ethereum

  • Is it true?
  • What would it mean to have a DEX on both platforms?
  • Is it really a DEX if could be on both?

I'm listening but sometimes I'd like to scroll back and read what is being said. My mind just wonders off if it;s too slow like @xanoxt speaking.

So I'm going to transcribe this too but not edit it because that's too much work. So I'll upload it to YouTube and try out how it looks. You can just click open transcript now on YT and even toggle timecodes.

Shared on the Twitter for you guys.



Thank you for supporting our community and sharing the hangout info.

I regularly share BTS tags and tweets, I think this is a neat and hardworking community and have shared and thought so for many many months now!

Hey my man, in your template subtitle here, I copied this from your line and you may want to fix the word, I think there is a t missing:

During the Week join he WhaleShares Server!

toss me your bts address and i'll give you some beyondbits :)

Just my regular BTS address ???

How can I DM you on something..... Steemit Chat? There are so many discords and other groups everyone wants you to join --- at some point it is just too much LOL.

I actually have a simple question to ask you but you will laugh and I don't want it public but you are a BTS wizard I trust.

And always have.

yep just your regular bts address :)
or the one you have for donations.

you can reach me at on whaleshares discord (there is a link above). its prob easiest. or on telegram.

It is super late for me, I will try and find you there now quickly, thanks man.

Send something to [email protected] if telegram isn't working for you :)

I emailed you about 45 mins ago -- the Steemit servers appeared to go down again.

I could not send the reply here to you and the last 2 days I have had nearly every one of my blogs refuse to post and I do more than 5 a day these days.

It was 5 am here when I sent that to you, I am not usually up at this time, but sleep and pain issues get to me a lot of the time.

I will do --- I tried to reach you and tag what I believe was you a day ago in the WS Discord, I have to get offline........ so late for me.

...... I just posted some great breaking news too moments ago you will likely appreciate also!!

Async communication is fine with me!

I have been 62 days in Steemit and now I got a new understanding on Bitshare. At the 1st day in Steemit I posted a comment on @officialfuzzy'spost, I found his article when i logged in Steemit at my first day. Now..I am hapoy I have got more infis about Bitshare. Thanks
Regard from Indoneia.

🌟 If the time works out for you, you should join us in the hangout on Saturday. Always a lot of great information being shared. You can also find a great group of people over on the Community Discords - the links are up in the post.

wow! this is great, but am finding it difficult to download via my phone.

📳 You can use an app called "Plumble Free" for mobile devices.
It's a 3rd party app, but the setup is exactly the same for getting into the chat room.

Great Work

super awesome !! great stuff!!

🌟 Sure is! Will you be attending the hangout this week?

yes, I'll will try to make it!! thanks

Thank you for Resteeming this RSVP post and supporting the community.

Great work, Following you for the next post :)

🔊 Did you have a chance to listen to the recording from last week's hangout?

Am gonna be there!!!

Nice, Upvoted

Good work continued

keep it up looking up for another one

The transcribed bitshares hangout from last week:
Turn on subtitles or see my blog for the transcript.

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