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RE: EOS.IO Storage White Paper Now Available!

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these claims. "this changes everything!" Reminds me of bts "reimagine everything!" ok....if you want to us to hire eos block producers over AWS for storage you have a LOT of work ahead of you. come back when you have a product, track record and projected costs


@ned, it's just a whitepaper man, relax...

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new" - Socrates

If I read the paper correctly, it's operating on the same model as the Steemit isn't it?

Steemit "changes everything" because it rewards users for content they produce.

EOS "changes everything" because it rewards block producers for the content they host.

Both are different from the current blockchain economic models in that they make the service basically free to use, simulating current internet services like YouTube. When in reality they have a very clever model where new users are given tokens that are paid dividends which covers the transaction costs as long as the user holds them.

I understand building a decentralized storage system, or in EOS' case, a decentralized operating system, is much more difficult; but I see no reason why you would be skeptical of the same, proven business model.

We don't host steemit on the Steem blockchain and never would...there's a lot of layers of stack, convenience and security concerns that go into hosting a website that just havent been addressed in the slightest

Never is a dangerous word. Who knows what the future will hold in store? Maybe these guys will come up one day with a polished product, a proven trackrecord and a clear picture of projected costs. Maybe they won't (slightly bigger chance I think).
But "never" makes your comment seem emotional. Relax, 300K Steemit users are here to support this platform and its dev & management team.

this is helpful

In a long term AWS will become a EOS block producer 😁

I'm sure at least some of the producers will be running their witnesses on AWS machines, so yeah, you're technically right :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if EOS isn't cheaper than AWS, it provides a service that AWS can never offer: decentralized storage. EOS is setting itself up to be the best decentralized storage solution by far. As a bonus, it will likely compete with AWS on price.

it sounds like ur not a fan of EOS, @ned? Or perhaps a fan of the language?

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