List of 34 exchanges supporting EOS token swap (with sources inside)

in eos •  7 months ago

It's the final countdown, du du duu duuuu... Only a few days, until EOS launches it's own blockchain and EOS (ERC-20) tokens that run on Ethereum will be practically useless. But not every cryptocurrency exchange does support this token swap!

So if you want to leave your EOS on an exchange (in which case, you probably won't get airdrops), be sure to know that they actually change your EOS tokens into EOS coins for you.

And to help you with that, I created a list of 34 cryptocurrency exchanges that pledged to support EOS token swap (with links to official statements as a proof):

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Hello martinjurca!

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Will Bitshares support the token swap?? Because I currently have all my Eos on the Bitshares platform. Hope someone can answer fast, I'm kinda stressing out.. @martinjurca


No, because it is a decentralized exchange. And if you use decentralized exchange, you have control over your private keys, not them - which is kinda the point of those types of exchanges. So they couldn't help you even if they wanted.

So you either need to send them to some centralized exchange that would do that for you or generate EOS wallet (on the official website) and register it using ETH.

The internet offers plenty of instructions for different kinds of wallets and there are still almost two days until the snapshot, so you can still do it.