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eosDAC Voting

Everybody who owned some EOS when the mainnet launched on June 2nd, 2018 also owns eosDAC tokens. @eosdac is a decentralized autonomous corporation that acts as an EOS block producer and thus has a revenue stream.

To vote, install Scatter (https://get-scatter.com/) and add the key that controlled your EOS tokens at launch. Then visit https://members.eosdac.io, register as a member and vote for your favorite custodians.

As soon as 15% of the tokens have voted the DAC control of the DAC gets turned over to the custodians (i.e. the DAC goes live so to speak). Currently 9.6% of the tokens have voted.

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Thanks for approving @lux-witness! And congratulations on your nice investment in steem !

Ok so I hold some EOS but I find it frankly very, very scary and daunting and almost repulsive (too complex). I followed the link and managed to log in with scatter and was told that I have to "Sign the Constitution" ?

I mean, come on, this is how you welcome someone in your house ? Someone you met recently and you "invited over for a drink", poor guy has barely took off his coat in the lobby and "Vlan! This house has a Constitution, if you want to sit and have a drink with us you must first sign the Constitution!"

Wow ! Can I first have a drink and make myself comfortable perhaps ? :-D

Then I went and clicked on the purple "Register" button for the Constitution V3, got a Scatter pop-up window which was just overwhelming, lots of unfriendly "greek" ("It's all greek to me"), kinda' bumble my way through some random clicks and was rewarded with a "Error" message, something like "expired transaction" if I remember well ... Dang!

Then I clicked a second time on the Register button (just like that, stupidly, I'm used to Windows) and this time ... it worked !


Now my membership is "pending" because I signed the Constitution. still waiting for the welcome drink ... :-)

Then I somehow (it's almost 2 am here so don't ask me to explain how) I managed to also vote for eosDAC as block producer ... I think ...


But ... I mean ... really ? :-D


Your points are well taken. I doubt that the eosDAC team had the neighbor's analogy in mind during the development of the app :-). Since voting on custodians is one of the main functions of the site as of now I understand that they ask people to join the club first by signing the constitution. I have followed EOS closely earlier last year up until the launch and have not spent much time on it since. Now I am happy to see first Dapps evolving. IMO EOS is an interesting real-world experiment with voting, constitutions, arbitration.


that was rather humerous, yet had us on the edge of the seat, can't wait to see the finale :)

Interesting to know, though I don't have an EOS account. How do I get one?


I have used the command line tools to create additional accounts so I don't have first-hand experience with any creation services such as https://eos-account-creator.com.


Ok...and... Thank you so much..my lovely friend


My sema question..?

Interesting, typically that's one coin we don't have in the portfolio @mariusfebruary, it would be interesting see where you stand on ETN Electroneum and other coins, followed to see what other crypto coolnes you share.