EOS Block Producer Guide and Voting

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This is just a tutorial and should be used with caution and tested before using on mainnet. EOSGreen is not responsible for any mistakes or lost tokens that could be caused by wrong use of below guide.

Create Your Wallet

cleos wallet create -n myeoswallet

Save your Password: ….

Unlock Your Wallet

cleos wallet unlock -n myeoswallet

Import Registered EOS Account Private Key Into Your Wallet

cleos wallet import <privkey> -n myeoswallet

Create New Account Keypair for Owner and Active keys

cleos create key
cleos create key

Genesis account

To find your genesis account visit https://eosauthority.com and paste in your ETH
public key, this will return your EOS public key and your created account name.

Verify your genesis account

To verify your genesis account has correct balance in the mainnet you can use this monitor: http://dev.cryptolions.io/mainnet/#accountInfo

Create New Account From Your Generated Account

Your new account name should be 12 lowercase alphanumeric (a-z,0–5)

cleos system newaccount --stake-net “1.0000 EOS” --stake-cpu “1.0000 EOS” --buy-ram-kbytes 8 <genesis_account_name> <your_new_account_name> <owner-publickey> <active-publickey>

Transfer some EOS to Your Block Producer Account

I recommend to transfer some small amounts of EOS first cos each account have only 10 EOS unstaked. I think "2 EOS" is a good amount.

cleos.sh transfer <genesis_account> <your_new_account_name> "2.0000 EOS" "my first transfer of EOS"

Load new account active private key into your wallet. You owner key should go to cold storage.

cleos wallet import -n myeoswallet <active-privkey>

Create a bp_info.json For Your Block Producer

This will be used by voting portals and websites to identify producers. The
bp_info.json contains location info for your Block Producer, nodes, and also
contains other identifiable information such as your Block Producer public key.

**For instance
When you register your producer the url field should be filled with
http://yourwebsite.com/. You can but don't have to put the bp_info.json & bp.json
file in the url.

Example of EOS Block Producer bp_info.json

For instance, for EOSGreen the bp_info.json is located at

Template for the standard bp_info.json format for the EOS

Register as an EOS Block Producer (regproducer)

cleos system regproducer <your_new_account_name> <producer-publickey> “http://<domain or ip>/bp_info.json/” -p <your_new_account_name>

Delegate Bandwidth for Your Block Producer Account (delegatebw)

cleos system delegatebw <your_new_account_name> <your_new_account_name> "1.0000 EOS" "1.0000 EOS" -p <your_new_account_name>

Vote for Block Producer Account (voteproducer)

cleos system voteproducer prods <your_new_account_name> <your_new_account_name> <other_producer_1> <other_producer_n> <other_producer_n+1> <other_producer_30> -p <your_new_account_name>

Finally, Verify You Are A Registered Producer

cleos system listproducers`

The output should show your producer in the list with the number of votes:

Producer Producer key Url Scaled votes

eosgreeniobp <producer_key> https://eosgreen.io/bp_info.json X.x`


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