Banned from the EOS ICO Channel on Telegraph .. for Mentioning NEO!??

in #eos3 years ago (edited)

Well .. so much for free speech ..

.. not a great way to incentivize participation in that convoluted ICO. If you wish to participate in that echo chamber, do not mention more advanced, ready-for-primetime competing technologies, that have received substantial support from the likes of .. Microsoft!

I am happy I made the move to liquidate my EOS and purchase NEO the day before 2.0 rolled out .. I have enjoyed a double up, and if one compares this tech to something like LiteCoin, and its popularity (China China China!), the price will soon hit $50.00 .. and beyond.

Yes, NEO is superior to both Ethereum & EOS ..

Mostly because it is fully functional and the smart contact aspect is WIDELY accessible to a large number of programmers, because of its multi-language support .. popular language support. No need to learn weakass Solidity, or re-visit C++ (have fun writing that garbage collection code) .. or learn whatever the hell that Tezos lingo is ..

Arrogance versus Humility & Professional Optimism .. No Political Philosophy Baggage

Check out this great video with the NEO (formally Antshares) lead .. what a nice guy!

Logos and Founders Say A Lot About a Company ..

Dark .. depressing .. thin .. convoluted ... exclusive .. foreboding ..

Making Enemies Out of Your Supporters ..

Well, that's what has happened with Bitshares, increasingly with STEEM, and .. if things keep going as they are, it will happen with EOS as well.

All the Best! :-)

I have created a channel for anyone who wants to hang out and chat about NEO ... NEO RAWKS! .. on Telegraph!


Hey kurtbeil, waves...

So what kind of governance does NEO have compared to EOS?


Well, it is called Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant (dBFT) consensus mechanism .. it is similar to the EOS / STEEM / Bitshares proxy voting for bookkeepers (ie. witnesses) - the selected group reach consensus and produce blocks ..

Gas (or NeoGas) is earned by anyone who holds Neo, and this gas is used to utilize functions on the blockchain .. there is also a Council for strategic guidance .. answerable to the community, not dictating to it.

The thing that I feel differentiates is the clarity and purposefulness in implementation, that participants are welcomed and rewarded, and there is a degree of openness to potential developers, and facilitation that I have not seen with the other platforms.

I also excited about it, because I have some skills with C# from game creation that I am eager to use with this blockchain .. despite the benefits offered by webassembly in EOS, I have no desire to stumble around with C++ ..

Good news for you ... Ruby will be supported! :-)

China is pumping that shit probably all the way up to $100 sooner or later.
I wish I invested more when it was $5 but I guess I should be happy I did @kurtbeil haha

Hi @kurtbeil..I think if they dont like, they will ban or flag. That is not good for supporter like us. Hope you good luck with Neo!

Personally I am not an ICO lover, EOS doing good but don't know what will happen next. By the way I have no faith on NEO, I don't know why it is loosing my trust... every time I am thinking to by ANS, I mean NEO I'm not feeling well.
Whatever you said here is true, at the moment crypto market seems nasty for me. Coz, a lot of coins, and fake market pulses are making things complex :/
If STEEM, BTS support can do focus on their existing projects sometimes it might be worth investments. Coz at the end of all those dramas very few legitimate coins will be exist...
Your crypto knowledge, the way you forecast, the way you discuss about current market trends and losses, I have a respect about it!
Your articles are very useful for minnows to these markets, and people who wish to do ICOs as well.
Really appreciate your knowledge sharing!


Dear @kurtbeil nice article about the NEO
I have got bundle of information from your article
Thanks for sharing.

20 second block times, 1000 tps.

not even in the same league.

I haven't looked into NEO. I can understand they would have moderated this out of their telegraph channel. Imagine if they let everyone talked about all the existing cryptocurrencies.

thanks for sharing this information, The NEO will exceed all expectations, upvoted and followed too

@kurtbeil ohh no eos ico channel banned!! Well thanks for sharing this news and @kurtbeil how can we joined it your channel??
Can you send me the link please:))

My my! There seems to be an awful lot of snowflakes about in Steemit community.

I'm not a fan of NEO, and am interested in EOS, but getting banned from criticizing EOS really is sad. Who are these people? Why are they so fickle?

I invested in EOS and NEO, NEO is doing great at the moment but when EOS gets launched I think it will surpass NEO :)

do you know the date of this launch?

I think EOS will be launched next year as the ICO is gonna run for 1 year.

NEO is off topic on EOS telegraph. If you were pumping it (as in making unsupported claim that it's "vastly superior" to EOS), not surprising that you got banned.

Welll...I am very glad the arrogant c***s decided it was a good idea to do that. They turned an active supporter into a full time detractor and neo cheerleader! I sold all my eos and vow never to hold even a single one for all the rest of my days ..

Good people deserve support.. aholes, even if they have made the best shit in existence, deserve nothing!!

NEO Has A GREAT potentiel , this coin will be very strong , its supported by chinese community

People in crypto world dont like opposing views. I got banned from steemspeak for something similar.

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I dont think neo is superior
Eos will blow it away when it is launched

do you know when eos will be launched?

next June ill be rich from neo and iota so I might put couple grand in it :) thanks

hehe now what that happened

I missed it. I wish I had bought it when it was less than $10. Is it worth it to invest in neo now ?

would you invest in ethereum if it would drop to 40$?

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