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You know for all of the negativity you receive Dan, I want to personally thank you for changing my life. I know that probably doesn't sound like much but the steemit platform has made me feel like my voice is actually worth something. You have helped me fight against the constraints of abject poverty and instilled a new sense of self-confidence.

EOS has also made me want to start diving into programming. So I'm sure there will be much more to thank you for in the future. (By the way, what would be the languages to learn that would be most beneficial to developing on the EOS blockchain?)


I agree, Steemit works remarkably well and that is all that really matters.

From what i´ve studied you can use any of the hard good old ones, like C/C++ where EOS is being written itself, as you can see for yourself here:

This is from another post:

Scripting Language Independent
The EOS architecture can simultaneously support multiple programming languages. Initially EOS will support Wren and Web Assembly, but it could also support any other suitably high performance sandboxed language.

What would you consider a high performance sandboxed language?

It´s the guy who wrote the text in the link that said that brother, i just ctrl+c / ctrl+v it hehehehehehe!
I really don´t know what it means by this expression. Maybe if you send an e-mail directly to the developers team, they can help you?

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