Did EOS get away with it?

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I just read this post about Block.One Vs SEC – How EOS’ Parent Company Got Away With a Small Fine For its Unregistered ICO

The implication here is that EOS got away with an ICO and was lucky because this should have been securities fraud.

The thing is the sale of EOS was done by a foreign company and US person were not allowed to buy in. EOS also put in significant effort to ensure you could not buy this as a US person.

So to me this is a different story:

The SEC got away with stealing money from EOS

The thing is the SEC and US in general acts more like a dominant male animal than or the mafia. I love the US for it as much as I love hitler for killing 6 million jews.

It's just not fucking right.

So while everyone is yelling and screaming about EOS having gotten away with it, to me the story goes the other way around.

What the hell does this mean. If I have a product and any american whether on foreign soil or not uses it, I have to submit the the rule of its country?

Good thing we only have one super power in the world. Or is it.

The good news about this story is that it shows a nice way of how you can get away with an ICO. It seems EOS handled its ICO very well and the SEC did not have much against it.

Otherwise why would the SEC only take less than 1% if penalty.

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I think the days of the USA as the sole superpower of the world are numbered. If I recall correctly, the share of the US economy of world economy is shrinking by 0.25 percentage points per year. It's a case of so many other countries growing faster.

I think economic power is the most important factor in the long term. China has always been relevant but is getting so much stronger now.

Short term i believe military might may be more important. With it you can always gain the upper hand.

The US is the only country with military presence all over the world.

F.... any policy that try's to tell people how to spend their own money.

Its almost as crazy as US not allowing people to play online poker.

there are poker sites US peeps can use - deposit and withdraw in crypto...
(not disagreeing with your argument, just letting you know)

Yes I knew that there's a handful of poker sites that allow U.S. residents to play.

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It's like how if you live and work outside of the US, but are still a citizen you are supposed to pay income tax to the IRS, because somehow they're still entitled to that when the income you generate has nothing to do with the US economy...