EOS.fish on Keiser Report!

in eos •  3 months ago

On today's episode of Keiser Report we talk to Marshall Long of EOS.fish aka @hibitfish

Read their block producer pitch here. Also their values and community guidelines and position on dividends.

I look forward to visiting their offices in Bangkok soon! We need a fishy meetup so join the EOS.fish Telegram group to get the invite.
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Great video! The interview was awesome. I'm going to check out the projects you recommend. I'm excited to hear about anything EOS right now. I was able to get make my first purchase of EOS yesterday. It wasn't much but it was a successful transaction. Thanks for the post! Resteem


Forgot to say, "thanks!"

eos to the moon and big thank you to you max for educating us

Max yer a crazy fuck. That's why I love ya!

Thank you for the information. Both of you rocks!
How long it will take for this fiat system to disappear?


That's the same as asking, "when moon?" :D


Maybe 5-10 years when blockchain technologies will be consolidated

Good one, enjoyed the video about EOS

hey, max. like the interview. like marshall. not too crazy about fish's dividend policy though. takes away from my economic incentive to hold the tokens. how is there policy on dividends economically beneficial towards the holder. seems to me they're confusing the "not buying votes" with a negative effect on the supporters, meanwhile, keeping the rewards for themselves.

would you agree?

Tank you for information, i like it😊😊🌹