SCAM ALERT - EOS Crowdsale

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People are posting fake ETH addresses for EOS crowd sale do not send your ETH unless you have confirmed the official address from trusted sources, or official website. No need for rush, you have five days for first auction...

Update contract address posted on Github, website down:

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EOS is looking like the coin to get this summer :) can't wait.

Yup! I split my ETH it in 12partitions : 1 buyin now - 5 random weekdays buyins (if quotes look nice) over the summer/autum and 6 random buyins Jan/Feb/Mar/May/June. I guess it will not be clever to buy on 25th of December for example! lol!

Wow thanks for the extra're awesome!

you are welcome. good info also direct at

If you subscribe to the eos newsletter and follow the instructions on you can´t get scammed. Any other way to transfer than the adress&way described at is a SCAM but it is so easy to just NOT be SCAMMED!eoosss1920_0023.jpg

Zero need to get it early, espically with the recent pull back on cryptos....I wouldn't be surprised if we are still in a minor correction for at least two weeks.

That ETH flash crash scared a lot of investors.

Heyy, Florida Girl here lol :) I agree about crypto prices needing minor correction, and think it will remain extremelyyyy volatile until the end of August. And by extreme I mean 30- 50% moves, like we've seen with ETH already... I mean look how quickly it went from 100 to 400 then dropped back to 200!

In the wild west of crypto it's normal to see 10-25% fluctuations in price even from week to week. But the next month or so is going to be like the Wild West met Vietnam lol - Hold on to your hats everyone lol! :) Remember the market is manipulated, and the strong hands will survive!

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this isn't a scam (i hope), the first set amount will somewhat determine the rest of the year prices

Also look into this coin before investing. Don't fall for the hype, invest in the technology. Personally EOS looks like a successful coin but I think it might currently be overvalued vs where it'll be in half a year.

Yes. I think that in three months time it will be clear what it is worth.

I am gonna buy the first day for a very small amount, you never know, it might be really undervalued the first days.

There are rumors EOS might be the ETH killer, pls not another one, just leave btc alone altogether



Thanks for declining payout on this post.

I do not decline payout on any of my posts, I do not believe decline payout should be part of Steemit.
But that's another argument I guess. Please read my comments on punishing your followers with "decline payout"

You can always, not vote. Declining a payout has consequences to the network. But for me is interpreted as something like "I delegate ALL the remaining of the network active POSTS to choose where to put the value". And not that might easily be seen as, "I do not wish to be rewarded".

Ehm yeah tell that to the autovotes following his account.

Not sure why autovotes apply here. Unfortunately is hard to bring your ideas/thoughts to the top sometimes. But with time, either the criticised changes or the critics adapt. Although, mass adoption in a hard bone to digest.

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Thank you for this heads up. For newcomers like me, it is difficult to differentiate a genuine opportunity from a scam, Typically, we tend to run headlong in to potential opportunities and hence fall into traps easily. Guidance from experience Steemians from you is very reassuring. Thanks. Upvoted

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A minnow (9 days old and counting)

I have joined this community in order to help newbies with advises. I am also new on Steem, but veteran in cryptocurrencies. You can read my blogs and comments and find some useful tips. Also, today I will post one or two articles about other #scams and #crypto trading. So read, follow, upvote and reestem.

The best case policy is to go DIRECTLY to the EOS site

Remember, this is your money.

You may get an error like this "US-IP detected, participation not allowed"

This is because you cannot buy in to the auction from the US legally (There are some pretty Draconic laws about IPO's here and a coin is still a public offering).

What do I do if I'm in the US?
Legally, wait. Buy when the coin has a defined value in 5 days.

What if I don't want to wait?
Buy from another country (or using an international connection). Bear in mind if you do this you are potentially violating US laws and EOS terms of service, this may result in losing 100% of your investment and could result in criminal penalties.

The Site is down!?
No, it isn't ... it's getting more traffic than it can handle. Keep trying.

How to participate in the EOS Token distribution:

@joseph people without a conscience

Quite right remark!

Really??? Boy!!! that's not fun!!! thanks for sharing my friend.

Correct Adress (with proof just check etherscan). Don´t send to anything other than this !
You don´t need to trust me with this, just please don´t send anything to another adress...

Thx 4 sharing! Resteemed

thanks for i am warn about it

Thank you brother @joseph thank you very much for the information you you are the savior

Be careful people, scams like crazy going around! Worst one was following EOS since the beginning and on buy day it says, US ip address detected, cannot participate...... bulshit. lol

For anyone who is interested, go to theofficial ICO website

EOS auction in 5 days? Better save my coins. Damn time flies. I hope everything goes ok and we will see another great project coming from Dan and the rest of team.


Thanks for sharing, great info @joseph

Good news...

Can't wait guys, but be careful everyone, take your time to be sure it's safe

Have a good day

good information @joseph follow you ^_^

I really can't believe people can get scammed so easily. It really means you're throwing money into something you know very little of...

Thank You For information. Resteem

Thanks, very positive information. Reservation is in progress.

Some people are just so greedy and have no care on the damage that they could be inflicting on someone.
I hope no one has seriously fallen victim to this.
Thank you for spreading awareness Joseph

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Why do you think so? The price is determined by the market, so it should be fair enough.

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read this folks before vomiting jugdement over EOS.
Its the only way to keep big whales from conspiring. EOS will be the first Coin spread extremely fair compared to all the ICO,premine ecetera shit. Your hypotetical blabla is far of reality. Inform yourself b4 you vomit against EOS here on steemit.
1.) inform yourself
2.) inform yourself more
3.) before you post, Dan Larimer´s EOS is a SCAM! on Steemit (created and coded by Dan Larimer) maybe better inform yourself a third time. otherwise I will asure you that some Steemit-whales with 1000times more votingpower than me will come here and join the flagging party. So are we clear now that EOS is not a Scam?

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