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RE: The unknown secret about EOS and why I put 15K on EOS

in #eos4 years ago

The ability rent EOS is very exciting from and investment point of view, any crypto that provides the ability to generate passive income is going to be wildly popular.

To me the most important feature of EOS is that is being built from the ground up to scale and it is being marketed to industry properly - not just hyped to the circle jerk of crypto whales.


Thanks for the upvote! I completely agree. It is being built to scale with mainstream in mind. Also, users of the applications built on EOS blockchain will not notice that they are using the blockchain. EOS is the new King and it is for the taking of those who can see the potential.

In fact, that is something I haven't heard of EOS, but it is something very interesting that you could rent out your bandwith power of the network.

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