EOS public community with 21 members

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User profiles, wallet, discussion forum and more...

Since activation on the Bancor Network on Feb 1st 2018 the EOS token community there has grown to 21 members over 8 days. .


Bancor's web app groups communities by token, members can join many communities, follow other members, send and recieve tokens using a web wallet and more, all in addition to the core conversion functions between tokens.

Here's a link to my 1st post in the EOS community on the Bancor Network.


Also checkout my previous post titled EOS Token Live on the Bancor Network


As always comments welcome, share 🤔, resteem 🔃 like 👍 and most of all enjoy! 😃

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I still do not understand !? does this mean that the bankor will switch to eos in the end?

I think Bancor's network will span multiple blockchains, from what I can tell, they seem commited to deploying their contracts to at least support relay tokens i.e EOSBNT.