Can EOS IO Blockchain help Facebook clean up it's act?

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Facebook is trying to clean up their act, believe it or not that is a good thing.

So far as decentralization of social media goes... @ned clearly describes Steamit well "Steemit is a centralized website sitting atop a decentralized protocol—that's steem"

The point i'm highlighting here is that it's not practical to "decentralize everything" which is why EOS IO, has a custom application infrastruction framework. Ironically Block. One the company developing the EOS IO software uses "Decentralize Everything" as a slogan!


It's not, imo a struggle for freedom or privacy or decentralized or centralized these are generally choices and most choose the social platform with 2+ billion active users over the less popular under 1 million user platforms, regardless to the underlying technology.

Life is full of choices and we live in amazing times where technology can make a world of difference empowering social change with ecconomic incentives.

Monitization of social platforms now presents incentives different from a user and advertisers perspective and here is where Facebook is taking a hit, in advertisement revenue combined with it's own interest in exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain tech as announced in it's new year statement. Factors which could be an indication of it paying close attention to user growth stats across various platforms, as it like other social platforms consider options to enter the cryptocurrency space .

Thanks for reading, also checkout my previous post exploring the idea that Facebook is taking action to protect their content providers from scammers titled Facebook ban on dodgy crypto advertisements

As always comments welcome, share 🤔, resteem 🔃 like 👍 and most of all enjoy! 😃

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