It looks like you are quite the inquirer. Very amusing

Is it possible that someone could hack into my page and steal my SBD? I got a message from someone and they said @null is stealing SBD. Anyway, this is way beyond my understanding of how this all works. I think it would be worth taking a look at. I promoted my post because I had been gone from Steemit for about a month and needed a little post boost. I think because I promoted the post it went into @null account. Can you check it out? Anyway, wishing you a beautiful and blessed day. I am back online.


🎀 @theprettysoul 🎀

When you "promote" a post, the sbd goes to null, which means it's "detroyed" and you get a spot on the promoted page :)

Thanks for the insight I really do appreciate it. Wonderful. Hope everything is going well in your cyber world. :)