Principled Blockchain Governance Requirement #6 - Arms of Governance are Independent

in #eos7 years ago (edited)

If you saw Principle #5 - Consensors are Enforcers, you'd realise, we’re not out of the troll woods yet.

2 Trolls in woods

Now, we have two powerful bodies. In competition. Looking for trouble... Believe me.

What happens if one orders the other? Well, that won’t work long run because the one that is more powerful will gradually accrete all the power and that’s where the crims will run. The problem with any anti-criminal power is that this is where the crims go to corrupt the power. Governments, are you listening? Never mind….

So what this means is:

Requirement #6 - Arms of Governance are Independent

OK, so the Arbitrators can issue a ruling, but the Consensors must decide themselves to implement the ruling. If the Consensors decide I cannot also behead my troll and take all his worldly chain wealth, so be it. In this sense, in a blockchain context, the Consensors are now a full arm of the governance, and they perform an appeal process over the Arbitration. Which is nice, because from experience I can tell you that Appeals are rough on friends.

Now we're within a sparrow's breath of Principle #7 and wrapping up this cycle on a Principled Approach to the Blockchain Governance Problem. Another breath, holding, hodling....

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