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Hello everyone,

a funny reward claim based app is out there on the wonderful Blockchain EOS called :


Its total FOMO but if you learn the rules there is still something to grab.

Be aware that the last of 150000th pixel will trigger the pixel pot.

Current values at 30-Sept-18 are:

Total value: 149,381.0509 EOS • Pixels drawn: 1,000,000 • Pot: 21,303.1868 EOS

Here are the rules:

How do I earn tokens?
EOS PIXEL MASTER features multiple ways to make rewards: Patron Bonus, Bidding, Last Pixel Pot, and Referrals. Each pixel starts with a price tag of 0.05 EOS. The payments from this Initial Pixel Offering go into Contract Proceeds.

How are Contract Proceeds distributed?
55% allocated to the Patron Bonus.
10% allocated to Last Pixel Pot.
8% paid as referral reward (or to the Last Pixel Pot if there is no referrer).
20% to developer team.
7% RAM payments.

How does bidding work?
You may purchase an already-owned pixel for 1.35x the previous price. The previous owner will earn back 100% of the tokens they paid for it. In addition, of the 35% increase, 75% goes directly to the previous owner as profit, and 25% are fees that go to Contract Proceeds (see above).

How does the Patron Bonus work?
Each time a pixel is purchased, a portion of the transaction is distributed to the Account Balance of all previous pixel buyers. Each pixel you paint entitles you to a portion of this Patron Bonus. (Even if your pixel is painted over by another player, you still receive the bonus.) The more pixels you paint, the more bonus you will receive. Funds from your Account Balance will be available for withdrawal after the Game Activation threshold is met.

How does the Last Pixel work?
After the Game Activation threshold is met, if there are no transactions for 24 hours, the canvas ends. The last user to purchase a pixel will receive the entire Last Pixel Pot. Once the canvas is complete, it is immortalized into the blockchain.

How do referrals work?
If you're logged in with Scatter and have painted at least one pixel, you'll be able to use your referral link. Any purchases made from this link will earn you a referral bonus that's automatically deposited into your account. Funds from your Account Balance will be available for withdrawal after the Game Activation threshold is met.

How does the Game Activation threshold work?
There is a Game Activation threshold of 150,000 pixels. Before 150,000 pixels are purchased, the Patron Bonus and referrals will still accrue in your account, but withdrawal is locked. After the threshold is met, all players will be able to withdraw funds from their account balance, and the Last Pixel Pot becomes activated.

Happy drawing. But please just invest some EOS :)


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